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Masquerade Masque Giveaways

Here are some of the Masquerade Masque Giveaways that were made by DJ Jason for the upcoming Shadowlands Romantic Masquerade Ball (on Jan. 16th). A free Masque will be given out at both La Petite Mort on Tuesday and at Absolution on Friday, in addition to some at the Shadowlands Romantic Masquerade Ball itself.

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Absolution / Dekay on January 7th

Absolution presents Dekay on Jan. 7th The best Goth, New Wave and Industrial spread between 2 dancefloors and 3 rooms of Music! on the Downstairs Crypt Dancefloor: DJ Jason (Albion/Batcave, Alchemy, Wasteland, Sundown, Communion, Le Petite Mort, LBV… etc.) DJ Paradox (Dark Water) DJ Cary (fIXE Magazine, Saturday night fixe, Sunday night fixe) DJ Zeitgeist (Mission)…

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