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Incantation ~ 6 live shows ~ June 16th

Saturday, June 16th ~ 6 great live shows! Incantation ~ Saturday Goth night Spectacular ~ NYC’s Goth-Festival style event! Whispers of the Sparrows ~ Original Goth Virus Cycle from Boston, MA ~ Post Apocalyptic Industrial Zombie Tech Skeletal Life ~ Horror Punk band Blkvampires ~ Hard Alternative Soul Gothic Band Mark Sinnis  ~ Cemetery & Western (lead singer of…

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Incantation on June 2nd ~ featuring 6 live shows including Lestat!

Saturday, June 2nd ~ 6 great live shows! Incantation ~ Saturday Goth night Spectacular with the legendary 80’s goth band, LESTAT! ~ NYC’s Goth-Festival style event! LESTAT  ~ the original early goth darkwave band from Ohio Necromantik Sunshine  ~ Trad. Goth from PA The Drowning Season ~ Trad. Goth from Baltimore, Maryland Glitter Freeze  ~ Synth-Rock from Brooklyn Monikker…

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