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Interview with Kali Ra

 Interview With Kali Ra by Kris Prudhomme Hello everyone, for starters, care to do the normal introduction to the band, David, I know you’ve got new members since the last time I saw you guys play. Braden Jordison (drums), Leon Manson (guitar), Kyle Callicoat (bass), Brian Daniel (upright bass/sax/bass), Mark Middleton (keys/percussion), David Goad (vocals/songwriting) Moving…

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Interview with DJ Martin Oldgoth

Martin Oldgoth Interview: by Kris Prudhomme   Hello again Martin, been a number of years since the last interview, what all have you been up to? Wow, Lots of things, I still run events at Whitby Goth Weekend (UK), although these days I’m more involved in the club side of things, overseeing three Nights there and…

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Interview with The Spiritual Bat

  Interview with The Spiritual Bat by DJ Jason What made you choose your name? Does it have any particular meaning for you or a story behind its choice? Some may know the original 1992 name was Spiritual Bats, plural, and it was created by the bands co-founder and first singer  (with Dario) Dario: Right,…

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Interview with the Mescaline Babies

Interview with the Mescaline Babies by  Kris Prudhomme  Ok guys, to start introduce yourselves: Sydney Mars: Hi, I’m Sydney Mars and I’m the throat user of the band. Kalle: Hi! I’m Kalle! Guitar! The other member is Black Jester on bass but now he’s on holiday! Alright, just for basics, would you guys mind giving a…

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Interview with the Secret Post

The Secret Post Interview by Kris Prudhomme    Alright for starters guys, mind introduce yourselves to people who might not be familiar with the band’s music? We are The Secret Post. Zachariah (vocals, guitar, songwriter), Tim Synth(synths), Nicoli (drums), and M(bass guitar). We are a post-punk/post alternative band from Oklahoma.  Zachariah, I remember talking with you…

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Interview with Pretentious Moi?

Pretentious Moi? Interview by Kris Prudhomme  Ok for starters, you guys mind telling us a bit about yourselves for the Americans reading this? C: My name is Christian, I live in South London and I play most of the guitar parts that involve twiddling and switching. M: My name is Matt, I also live in South…

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Recommended: Rasputina and Bella Morte performing at Dracula’s Ball on Friday, April 11th

Friday, April 11th Rasputina and Bella Morte performing at Dracula’s Ball  DJ Kangal and DJ Stalagmike All ages welcome; 21+ w/ID to drink Doors 9pm-2am Tickets $16 via IsoTank or Digital Ferret (no fees) or Ticketfly (fees apply). or $18 at the door. Trocadero Theatre, 1003 Arch St., Philadelphia. For more information and details about this event

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DJ Martin Oldgoth Bio

~Bio reprinted with kind permission~ DJ martin oldgoth writes his name in lower case, he likes it like that. There are not many DJ’s in the goth scene for whom the words ‘infamous’ or ‘renowned’ can be used but martin oldgoth is one of them. Beginning his career in 1985, over the years he has…

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Interview with Andi Sex Gang

Interview with Andi Sex Gang by Kris Prudhomme   Andi Sex Interview by Kris Prudhomme 1-13-2014 Hello Andi, to start off, how have you been? I am bored with rock n’ roll, it has become obsolete.. shoot down those fuckers who live in the past..there is no time for self indulgent fantasies now, there is no room…

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Shadowplay Radio on Catherdral 13 Radio

Shadowplay is hosted by Anita Nervosa and Michelle (Bichos Bichos), playing Goth Rock, Darkwave, Deathrock and Coldwave. Formerly ‘Blood & Black Dahlias‘, Shadowplay has been on South Australian airwaves since 1996.   In 2011 Shadowplay joined Cathedral 13 Radio to broadcast to an international audience every Sunday. Playlists and other information are on the Shadowplay blog.   Also…

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DJ Hex / Author and Journalist Bio

 Author and Journalist DJ Hex Bio   Born in Lake Charles, LA, DJ Hex has been involved in the punk, goth and deathrock scenes since the age of 17, starting out with the DIY zines including Static Magazine which had a hand in the creation of the short lived Age of Decay festival in Florida.…

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