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Goth, Industrial, Synthpop, Retro-Alternative, 80s New Wave and New Romantic, Dark Rock and Metal, Underground Cult Classics



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1990-1992- Mary Baldwin College for Women, Major:  Humanities

1992-1994- University of Maryland, Major: Psychology Minor: Classical Voice at UMD’s Opera Program

1995- Moved to Manhattan’s East Village

1996-2000- worked at Mother as a method go-go artist and performed there regularly as a model/performance artist for CLICK N DRAG, their Saturday night Cyber-Fetish party.  Was the first prominent modern Fetish Model in Manhattan.

1998- Co-promoted weekly Tuesday RESURRECTION at Mantra(Chetty Red, True, etc.) 28 E23rd st

1998- Produced SIGNAL, NYC’s first All-Industrial party at The Pyramid Club

1999-2000- Produced Friday party INTERIM, Thursday BIOTEK, and Wednesday Lust at The Limelight with support and input from Peter Gatien

2000-2001- DJed for the first time every Saturday at Le Nouvelle Justine, an S/M themed restaurant in the East Village

2000-2001- worked as a dancer/performance artist every Saturday at the party THE BATCAVE at  Downtime, now Slake. Quit on Sept. 11, 2001.

2003- produced and DJed at SANTERIA, a weekly Friday party at Jekyll and Hyde

2004- resident DJ at weekly FLESH THEATRE at FLAMINGO EAST, now closed.

2005-2006- received a certificate in Recording Engineering at DMX, a school under the direction of Richard Termini

2006- resident VJed at weekly Friday party CHURCH at Avalon (Limelight)

2006-2007- produced, DJed and performed spoken and sung material bi monthly SHADOWLANDS at Youth Palace, 11-13 Doyers St.

2007- multiple guest DJ spots that helped establish quarterly NECROMANTIC

2008- Resident DJ at monthly Sunday Fetish party CAT O NINE at Lit Lounge and The Cutting Room.

2009- 2014 Co-Produce, Stage Manage, Perform and DJ at weekly Friday ABSOLUTION with DJ Jason

2010 – Co-Produce Aelfheim Gothic Monday at FONTANAS

2010- Resident DJ for monthly Sunday Fetish party SUNDAY NIGHT FIXE at Le Poisson Rouge

2010-2011- Co-Produce and DJ at weekly Tuesday  LA PETITE MORT at Happy Ending and Idle Hands (both now closed).

2011-2012: Co-produced and co-promoted biweekly live Goth/Industrial band night INCANTATION  @ Uncle Mike’s

2012- Resident DJ for private BYOB THROUGH THE MIRROR

2012- Resident DJ for FAIRIE RING

2013 – Resident DJ for private BYOB THROUGH THE MIRROR.

–  OCT. 31st – Halloween – Main Floor DJ for DRACULA’S BALL, PHILADELPHIA PA

– DEC. 31sr – New Years Eve – Main Floor DJ for VICTORIANA, Trocadero Theatre, PHILADELPHIA PA

2014 – Guest DJ for ULTERIA – NEW HAVEN, CT

2015-2020 – Main DJ for Witches Samhain Masquerade Ball, NY, NY at Kabin

2015- 2020 – Main DJ for Witches Summer Ball

2019-2020 Evil Expo

2020 Gilt + Fanfare

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