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Absolution’s DJ Jason reviews the new Terminal Gods E.P. Machine Beat Messiah

  DJ Jason reviews the new Terminal Gods E.P. Machine Beat Messiah “Listening to the Terminal Gods E.P. Machine Beat Messiah… You must buy this.  It’s the best release of the year. I think Machine Beat Messiah will appeal especially to fans of The Sisters of Mercy‘s early works and the more trad punk type of goth.  They also…

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Free Goth CDs

Free Goth CDs The famed Nightbreed Records and Tapes Label is giving away some of their precious old CDs, so get in touch with Trev Bamford (long known for properly educating goths everywhere with his first rate record store & mail order catalog). Click below to get Nightbreed recording artist CDs by: One-Walk the Mercy…

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Mick Mercer’s LITTLE BOOK OF PUNK By mick mercer Goth’s most famous and important author, Mick Mercer, has written a new book about Punk Rock.  209 photos, including: Action Pact, Adam & The Ants, The Adverts, Alternative TV, Another Pretty Face, Blondie, Boomtown Rats, Boowy, Brigandage, Captain Sensible, The Carpettes, Charge, Chelsea, The Clash, The…

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Misery Loves Company T-Shirts

“Misery Loves Company” combines the imagery of Pop Art with classic Horror Icons. Bold colors and large prints are the original trademark, paving the way for a new genre of fashion which creative artist and founder Dani Alienna had dubbed “DeathPop“.

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