Synæsthesia is the experience of sensory overlap. When you listen to your favorite music, and close your eyes, do you see certain colors? Can you imagine sounds in response to a favorite painting? Do you ever imagine what something might feel like, just from seeing or hearing it? Do you associate certain numbers or letters with colors? Are these associations remnants of past memories, or metaphors, or just random crosstalk in the brain? It can be hard to know.

I recently purchased hand-written song lyrics from a crowdfunding campaign by Shriekback, possibly my #1 favorite band ever. (Well, let’s just say in the Top 10 ever, since there are others I love just as dearly.) When it came time to choose colors for a matte and frame, I asked a group of fans what colors they associated with the song.

But the reason I’m writing today is to share a really fun discovery — Beautiful Freak Cosmetics has created a series of soaps meant to evoke the smell of various Shriekback songs. And they’re nice! What’s more, I get to experience someone else’s interpretation. Last I checked, they offering “Faded Flowers“, “Dust and a Shadow“, and “And The Rain“. Also a bunch of songs by other bands.

Anyway, needless to say, I loved them enough to give a rave review. Check out the store and see if any of your favorite tunes are represented. And do comment below, about whether the scents hit the mark!

“Faded Flowers” soap
Trio of Shriekback-Inspired Soaps

And here are the song lyrics from the Shriekback crowdfunding campaign, which inspired the whole conversation in the first place:

This Big Hush“, lyrics hand written by Shriekback

DISCLOSURE: The author and website were not compensated in any way for this review; it is not a paid endorsement. Just a satisfied customer.