March 21st, 2016 (Equinox update):

  • Upgraded the theme to be Responsive The version of “WooCanvas” that we have been using has been in place since 2012, and did not offer a layout suitable for mobile devices.  Now you can re-size the window for mobile and tablet, and the elements will change position to keep the menu visible and the site contents readable.
  • Upgraded to the latest version of PHP (5.7) The old site was running under “PHP5.2”, which was new at the time – but is now sorely out of date.  Our hosting service, in fact, banned the use of the older version, forcing us to modernize. Doing this caused other problems [see below], which we also repaired.
  • Modified or replaced plug-ins Some were written for the old “PHP 5.2”, and stopped working when we upgraded the site.  In the case of the “What People Are Saying” plug-in, we found a replacement. In other cases, such as the Twitter plug-in, we hand-coded a repair or upgrade.
  • Improved a few visual elements such as the “sub-menus” (which previously displayed a grey background that didn’t match the theme’s purple), and the “Recent Acts of Darkness” area (which had icons that sometimes overlapped their borders).
  • More Goth visuals including the “Fraktur” typeface on all post/page titles now, and modified the functions/admin-functions.php file so that $sep in woo_title() uses † as the separator in page titles.
  • Repaired “bad thumbnails” defect that previously hid the event flyers on historical pages before 2010. An example is, which now displays correctly.
  • Updated to latest version of Akismet So far we have blocked 10,512 malicious login attempts and 253,410 spam comments. It’s a jungle out there!
  • Migrated to the shorter and cooler “Absolution.NYC” domain We were previously at “”, because ‘.nyc’ names didn’t exist back then.
  • Set up “301 forwarding”, so that all old links to ‘’ will still work by showing the same content at ‘.nyc’ (instead of a blank page or “404 error”).

— Upgrade and original site courtesy of Sylvan Social Technology.