What is AbsolutionNYC?

Absolution is NYC’s leading goth/industrial event production company.   AbsolutionNYC or simply Absolution creates a wide variety of  Goth oriented events.


ABSOLUTION is NYC’s Original Multi-DJ Gothic/Industrial Scene Night. It was started in 1998 by DJ Jason in CBGBs basement that was below both the main CBGB space where the band events occurred and the CBGBs gallery space where Alchemy was held. ABSOLUTION is a Goth/Industrial dance party and preserve for true Goth/Industrial culture. It is also a way for *ESTABLISHED*  Goth/Industrial DJs(not just any DJ) to network, share ideas and strengthen their reputations by doing a short set on a weekend night. ABSOLUTION typically features 24 DJs per night chosen and scheduled by DJ Jason. ABSOLUTION runs intermittently.

What type of music is played at AbsolutionNYC productions?

Goth, Industrial, Synthpop, 80s New Wave and New Romantic, Ethereal and Death Rock with a special focus on GOTH.  Music you will NOT hear:  Techno, Hipster or Hip Hop.  There has been an unfortunate attempt in NYC to “occupy goth” by various groups.  Well, we’ve “occupied” it back.

Is there a dress code at AbsolutionNYC’s events?

Yes. We are a Goth/Industrial party. Therefore it is appropriate to wear a Gothic, Industrial, or some other Dark Scene clothing. If you don’t have anything appropriate, the minimum is  “P.I.B.” – Person In Black, which means to wear as much black as possible. Sneakers, blue denim jeans, baseball caps, etc are frowned upon, as is any sort of “hipster” attire (shudder!). When in doubt, just go with all black.

A WORD ABOUT ATTIRE: Most people already know this, but You must make an effort to dress up. “Goth Casual” is so passé.  You don’t have to spend a lot on  clothing… You can find dark finery in thrift stores and forgotten closets with a little effort and imagination. 

I pulled up the flyer on my cellphone. Can I use it at the door to get in?

No. You must have a printed copy of the flyer to get the discount. There are many reasons for this, the most important one being that we count the flyers at the end of the night so we need a hard copy. We also feel that the flyers are part of the charm of nightclub parties and we’d like to retain that part of nightclubbing as part of our event.

I am a fetishist. Am I welcome at ABSOLUTION?

Everyone is welcome at ABSOLUTION as long as they abide by basic rules of conduct, but ABSOLUTION’s main topic is music, dancing and Goth/Industrial fashion/clothing. There is absolutely NO SOLICITING at AbsolutionNYC’s events for Fetishist or otherwise sexual services, so keep that in mind. Will you find someone at ABSOLUTION who is into your fetish? You could, but that is not the main topic of the night so sitting around all night waiting for someone to spank or trample you might prove frustrating. If your main goal is to satisfy a fetish, you may have better luck at a party which lists fetishism as one of it’s main topics. But if you want to socialize, drink and hear some of the best and most relevant music in NYCs Goth/Industrial scene, you might be happily surprised by the people you meet here.

I am a DJ booked to spin at an AbsolutionNYC production.  How should I behave?

DJs typically show up early, at the beginning of the night, and stay all night.  They bring friends with them or get friends to come hear them play.    Showing up just as you are supposed to go on, alone,  and then leaving right  after your set?  That’s bad form.  It telegraphs the message that you don’t really care about the event.  We don’t tolerate that, so DJs who do this won’t be booked again.


I want to Perform/Sell my product/etc, etc. at an AbsolutionNYC event.  What should I do?

Show up at the event.  It is not appropriate to email us and ask these questions without ever having met us.  You must come to the event, hang out, get to know people, etc and present your idea to us.  The only situation in which this is appropriate is if you do not live within driving distance to our event. 

What makes AbsolutionNYC the leading Goth/Industrial group in NYC?

So many things.  The variety of different types of events from BYOBs reminiscent of London’s famous SLIMELIGHT, to concerts with local and internationally touring acts, to events with large dance floors, to intimate Ethereal gatherings. The careful selection of venue and staff.  But most of all, the culture that is promoted within the company that shows in the events.  It’s a feeling of comradery, friendship and acceptance by one’s fellows, and a strong forwarding of artists of all types.  At the same time, the company is not a self help group for substandard individuals as is and has been the case with some Goth/Industrial groups in NYC, but maintains itself as a meetingplace for individuals with substance, character and quality.  Certain behaviors will never manifest themselves at an AbsolutionNYC event such as aggression, unwanted advances or sexual solicitation in the case of Fetishists (female members will never be solicited by “Fetishists” searching for gratification by soliciting in a harrassing way).  There is absolute equality of the sexes, female members will never be talked to in an off-putting or hostile way or only offered positions such as doorgirls or bartenders like what unfortunately happened with some Goth/Industrial clubs of the past.  AbsolutionNYC is really a chance to be part of an exciting network of artists who are currently producing music, comics, fashion, art, jewelry, books, plays, and so much more.  It is curated by people who have made a special and intense study of Goth/Industrial culture for over 2 decades and who deeply care about the experience of each individual who walks through the door.  It is quite literally the best place to meet friends or possible SOs if you are single.  There are no underlying religious or other network at the heart of AbsolutionNYC, the focus is on art, music, entertainment and relaxation ONLY, nobody pressures you to join anything or subscribe to any beliefs or network.  It’s a chance to participate in the Gothic Revival in NYC, at the heart.  Watch fashion, music and art evolve right before your eyes, be a part of it!

Your event seems like a great place for me to pass out flyers for MY event!

Flyers for events other than AbsolutionNYCs events are prohibited (without very special permission), as they are at most other public events in NYC, for two reasons:

1) The event in question might be on the same days as one of our future events.  It would be extremely rude to hand out flyers for a conflicting event at our event.  Most people wouldn’t even try to do such a thing, or ask if they can do it.

2) Due to the proliferation of the Web, everybody and their Grandmother suddenly thinks that they can be a small event producer.  Now quite a few people who are actually in the “customer” category THINK that they are in the “industry” category.  This has lead to some events in NYC where EVERYBODY THERE is some kind of producer, promoter, etc.  This isn’t fun for customers if EVERYBODY THERE has some kind of hustle on, some kind of politics or trying to get them to do something, be somewhere, believe something, etc.  It’s just too much.

We pride our selves on having a high customer/artist to “promoter” ratio.  You’ll never go to one of our events only to find that EVERYBODY THERE is a two-bit “producer”.  This creates an inverse pyramid where there are too many so-called “experts” with too few customers or patrons.  We find it gouche and irritating so we just don’t have a lot of these sorts around.

Do you only participate in events with many DJs, several different promoters, etc, etc, on and on (far over the amount that should be) ?  Do you only “work” in the Goth/Industrial scene on average once a month only? Do you believe yourself to be “industry” although you have never done an event of your own, on your own, but need a horde of other “producers” in order to accomplish that?  Do you DJ on average 30 or 45 minutes everywhere you “perform”?  Then you are probably not a good fit for our club.  This mentality is a grasping sort of type which is not really about enjoyment but a hopeless kind of self-aggrandizement, in a situation in which you can never truly “get ahead” – it’s a kind of desperation and constant pushing to convince people that we just don’t entertain.