The great German goth band, Ghosting, have issued this news statement regarding their current musical activity and the new Ghosting release which should be out on June 17th this year.

In 2020, Ghosting aka Sascha Tayefeh cautiously restarted their first activities after a 20 year break: An E.P. with one new song “Flanders”, remakes of almost 20 old demo songs distributed on two albums “Black Romantic III & IV” as well as a Best Of named “Black Pearls” indicate clearly the direction to go: Back to the past.

With the new E.P. “The Order Of Things” Sascha has taken his ancient analog and digital synthesizers, collected throughout 35 years of band history, out of the basement and returned to his early composing style of the early 90s. The E.P. opens with the title track, a synth wave song in 80’s style, enriched with typical ghosting elements that Sascha once applied to his hits “Bombed The World”, “One Bullet” and “Disguised in Black”. After that it gets more melancholic as usual. Three ballads follow, which tie in with the band’s only purely instrumental album, “Enter My Crypt” (1992). Sascha uses the same old samples that he already utilized back then, so that a journey back to the beginning of the 90s is carried out in these songs as well.

Here is the Bandcamp for the new release