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Marble Orchard

We are a new DIY company focused on promoting and booking local and national deathrock/goth acts (we do international as well) who are grounded firmly in a punk DIY ethic, we make our own flyers, posters, we do our own bookings with out all of the middle man garbage and we deal with the bands directly.

Also a note about the types of music that we do deal with, when we say goth, we mean goth rock like Bauhaus, Virgin Prunes, Specimen, Skeletal Family and the like, deathrock is like Christian Death, Burning Image, Voodoo Church,Ex Voto and newer acts like Cinema Strange, Scarlets Remains, the Deep Eynde, etc. We DO NOT deal with gothic metal, gothic hip hop, industrial, EBM, electro or industrial rock. We are quite open to dealing with psychobilly, horror punk and horror rock though and individual goth artists are quite welcome, i.e. Andi Sex Gang”
~Kris Hex

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