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Long Black Veil

  DJ Jason had his name rubbed out on the May 17th date listed on this flyer, since he was to be in europe for WGT and earlier parties in London etc. This photograph was taken by noted Photographer, David Brommer.

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DJ Jim Damaged (aka DJ Dandysex) Bio

DJ Jim Damaged (mostly called DJ Dandysex) DJed at two weekly parties at the long running goth bar, The Raven Cafe (which burned down in 2006 due to a gas leak) on Avenue A.  They were Damaged and Diabolik. The Damaged party started on weekly Tuesdays and moved to weekly Wednesdays later after DJ Charlie…

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DJ Angztek Bio

An Industrial DJ, DJ Angztek started spinning at the Pyramid for DJ Xtine‘s Signal party as DJ Moch 1. It was 1998 at the Pyramid.  Signal was NYC’s first strictly pure industrial club.  Later from 1998 to 1999, DJ Angztek spun with DJ Paw Lee at The Pyramid club for Alex Malfunction‘s Paradise Lost party.…

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