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night nail interview

Night Nail Interview by Kris Hex

  “Los Angeles & Berlin-based, darkwave & post-punk band, Night Nail, formed in 2013, and released a self-titled EP which received attention from press, college & radio, & blogs throughout the US, Europe, South America, and Australia; They recently released their newest album “LA Demons” in July 2018”on Cleopatra Records. Brandon Robert – Vocals/Guitar Michael…

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Ash Code band Press Photo

Interview with Ash Code

Ash Code Interview by Kris Hex (arrangements for the interview made by DJ Jason) “Hailing from Italy, this dark trio combine the best of dark synth, darkwave and the more eerie varieties of electro to bring something unique ina musical landscape otherwise overrun with mindless pop, musicians that don’t write their own songs and social…

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13th Sky 2

Interview with 13th Sky

Interview with 13th Sky by Kris Hex “Hailing from West Hollywood, CA, 13th Sky have influences ranging from the Dead Boys to Christian Death back around to early Californian punk. They’ve played multiple shows in their home state, Mexico as well as gigs in Texas, and Nola. They’ve got something to say.”      For starters,…

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Direct Attack Pic 2

Interview with Direct Attack

Direct Attack Interview by Kris Hex “Hailing from New Orleans LA, Direct Attack bring a vintage post punk and goth sound to the Big Easy with guitar reminiscent of early Christian Death meeting NYC acts Of A Mesh with a bit of Ex Voto thrown in for good measure. “ 1) Ok for starters, mind…

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Bloodsucking Mallory interview1

Interview with Bloodsucking Mallory

Bloodsucking Mallory Interview by Kris Hex Arrangement for the Interview by DJ Jason “Millionaire heiress Mallory Murdock was killed in a little town nearly Ford Harris by a gang of some creepy pigs and criminals. They betrayed and killed her in a cruel murder. After that they left her dead in a dark cellar. That is where…

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goth-Interview-Tearful Moon-Kris Hex

Interview with Tearful Moon By Kris Hex

Tearful Moon Interview By Kris Hex   “Hailing from Houston, TX, Tearful Moon are a two piece ensemble consisting of vocalist Sky Lesco and guitarist/programmer Manuel Lozano; Drawing influences from 80’s goth acts such as Danse Society and Trisomie 21 all the way into the current age with bands such as Sixth June and Ash…

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Orations by Dan Cogliano1

Interview with Orations

Interview with Orations by Kris Hex Scheduling arrangements for the interview courtesy of DJ Jason   Ok guys, to start off, would you mind introducing yourselves to the readers who may not be familiar with the band? We’re Orations from Buffalo, NY. Jess Collins sings, Paul Morin plays guitar, Jason Draper is the bassist and…

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Shadow Age 3

Interview with Shadow Age

Shadow Age Interview by Kris Hex Hi guys, for our readers out there, would you mind introducing yourselves? I’m Aaron, I play guitar and sing. Evan plays the drums, Bruce plays the bass, and Davey plays synth. Ok, for those who may not know, the band shares members of Lost Tribe though their sound is…

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