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Robert Cowlin Interview by Marc Vanderberg

Interview with Robert Cowlin by Marc Vanderberg

Interview with Robert Cowlin (Singer of Terminal Gods) by Marc Vanderberg Robert Cowlin, born in 1990, is the lead singer of London based band `Terminal Gods`. Singing in baritone (always), hiring Dr. Avalanches’ grandson on drums (always), and wearing shades (sometimes) might remind some people of another British band. But if you listen to `Terminal…

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Interview with Terminal Gods

Interview With Terminal Gods by Kris Prudhomme ~Accommodations and scheduling for the Interview created by DJ Jason~ Hello guys! Would you mind starting off by introducing yourselves to the readers? I’m Robert Maisey, lead guitarist from Terminal Gods. I live with Josh, our rhythm guitarist, in a flat above a chip shop in North London.…

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