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DJ Audiophile started spinning with DJ Jet at the Cybertron party in 2002.  Together, they helped bring new cyber-industrial techno influenced sounds to a popularity previously unknown in NYC’s goth scene.

He is known for his love of electronic equipment (hence the DJ name) and Electro, Synthpop, Newave, 80’s, EBM, EDM, Hard House, Hard Tek, Electronica, Hardbeat, Hardcore, Aural Sex, Electroclash, Minimal Techno, Retro, Power Noise, Industrial, Futurepop, Tribal, IDM, Newer Wave, Dark Trance, Psy Trance… etc.  He is currently only doing special events and is without a residency.

DJ Audiophile owns and operates a sound system and lighting rental service called Audiolust