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DJ Jarek comes out of the NYC tradition of pure Goth DJs.   A long time fan, DJ Jarek got his start at the Raven Cafe, a gothic bar where DJ Charlie the Slut, DJ Skellington and DJ Dark Angel had already been spinning (on 3 different days of the week). DJ Jarek was the main or only DJ at The Raven Cafe every Sunday for many years.   The Raven Cafe was the favored Gothic Bar on Ave. A. in the East Village for the whole time that it existed (it closed due to explosive gas leak/fire in early 2006).  The Sunday party DJ Jarek did there was called The Other Side and it was a great pure (all) goth party with both classic and new tracks.
During the time he was still doing the Raven Cafe‘s Sunday Party, DJ Jarek spun the early set at DJ Jason‘s Sundown Party at the famous Flamingo East club. Until Flamingo East closed in 2005 (due to being sold), Sundown was NYC’s biggest Friday Gothic Industrial party.  DJ Jarek and DJ Jason spun excellent pure Goth and DJ Ian Fford and DJ Father Jeff played a popular mainfloor mix.  Since DJ Jason ran Sundown, it also hosted Absolution every last Friday of each month.
After the Raven Cafe closed, DJ Jarek spun with less experienced DJs, DJ Peter Holik (who also spun at The Raven Cafe) & DJ Templar for a new bar party called the Red Party (not to be confused with the original huge many room RED party thrown by Father Sebastiaan of Sabretooth at the Limelight that also happened to host Absolution).  This new little party has had several short runs in different locations after leaving their original spot, the Orchard bar, where they had a handful of parties with a year of absence in between.