DJ Delchi

DJ Delchi guest DJed at famous NYC venues such as DowntimeCBGBsThe BankWebster Hall and Mother.

DJ Delchi
 started DJing at Kelly Grave‘s Parallax at the Wreck Room.  DJ Delchi had also worked the door at Parallax and it was at Parallax that he first met DJ Jason.   DJ Delchi spun as a resident DJ at the famous and renown Long Black Veil Thursday event in it’s earliest days and at the Fang Club Thursday event at Mother.  He was well known for his ethereal style dance sets and he co-promoted and spun at an all ethereal night called Nether on St. Mark’s Place with DJ Carlos D. (of Interpol).   He was also the main DJ for DJ Jason‘s weekly Sanctum Fridays at CBGBs.  DJ Delchi worked with the promoter Shane Savant at Webster Hall and The Den.  His guest DJ spots include Albion and Absolution.  DJ Delchi also promoted and spun at his own event, Bitter Paradise, at Downtime.


DJ Delchi has appeared as ” The Voltoids Guy ” in Voltaire‘s Oh My Goth comic, and as ” Lord Delchi ” in Serena Valintino‘s GloomCookie comic.


DJ Delchi also spun in numerous clubs in Las Vegas in the past few years.  He has recently returned to the west coast, but may be returning soon.

You can still hear DJ Delchi on his internet radio show ‘ Fire Walk With Me on every Sunday at 14:00 PST.