DJ Cary

DJ Cary is a new NYC DJ that spins New Wave and Gothic dance songs.

DJ Cary is best known for his role as a fetish promoter in NYC and New Jersey.  Like DJ Xris SMack!, DJ Cary was a promoter  and producer long before becoming a DJ.   Cary produced successful fetish parties at QXT’s and elsewhere in New Jersey.  Cary’s first parties in NYC were the fIXE Magazine Sundays at Le Poisson Rouge, a monthly support for his website, fixe magazine.  DJ Xris SMack! & DJ Xtine worked under him. Later, Cary did fIXE Magazine Saturdays at Identity with some additional promotional support (and adding Goth DJ Jason for the extra floor).  As a DJ, Cary has been helpful filling in for friends and absentees.  With similar goodwill and kindness, Cary has also provided fetish play equipment to many NYC and New Jersey events.