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DJ Jet has been spinning since 1999.  Through much hard work and perseverance as a producer, promoter and DJ, DJ Jet brought new cyber-industrial techno influenced sounds to a popularity previously unknown in NYC’s goth scene.
DJ Jet was a co-producer and DJ at Cybertron, which was a long running NYC cyber clubnight where  he spun with his partner, DJ Audiophile. Cybertron was held at many venues, including the Lower East Side’s Seho on Fridays, The Pyramid on Thursdays in the East Village, and most recently, the West Village’s Don Hill’s on Fridays.  DJ Jet currently organizes VampireFreaks parties in NYC, as well as in Philadephia and Toronto, Candada.  Last year (2010), DJ Jet put together The Triton Festival in Brooklyn.  It was the largest scene oriented Festival to happen in NYC.
  • Cybertron 1999 – 2010
  • Sinteque
Special Appearances:
  • Absolution at Flamingo East (NYC)
  • Absolution at Youth Palace (NYC)
  • Absolution at UC 87 Danceclub (NYC)
  • Albion at Downtime (NYC)
  • Alteria (New Haven)
  • Asylum Guild at the Pyramid (NYC)
  • Black Sun Festival (New Haven,CT)
  • Byte at Delancey Lounge(NYC)
  • DarkRave (Toronto)
  • Darkstar Festival (CT)
  • Diabolik at the Raven cafe (NYC)
  • Dracula’s Ball (PA)
  • Electra-city at the Pyramid (NYC)
  • Entropy (NYC)
  • Frequency (NYC)
  • FunHaus (Toronto)
  • Grape St (PA)
  • Halloween Massacre (NYC)
  • Korova Milk Cafe bar(NYC)
  • Nocturne (PA)
  • QXT’s (NJ)
  • Reverb (Toronto)
  • Sundown at Flamingo East (NYC)
  • Synthetic Circuitry (Rochester, NY) </p>
  • Triton Festival (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Vertex (Rochester)
  • Water St. Music Hall (Rochester)
DJ Jet also DJed concert support for many bands, including these:
  • And One
  • Seabound
  • Assemblage23
  • Combichrist
  • the Birthday Massacre
  • My Life with Thrill Kill Kult
DJ Jet is also the webmaster and founder of vampirefreaks, the number one gothic-industrial website in the world, with well over one million members and five million views a day.