DJ Jim Damaged aka DJ Dandysex.jpgDJ Jim Damaged (mostly called DJ Dandysex) DJed at two weekly parties at the long running goth bar, The Raven Cafe (which burned down in 2006 due to a gas leak) on Avenue A.  They were Damaged and Diabolik.

The Damaged party started on weekly Tuesdays and moved to weekly Wednesdays later after DJ Charlie the Slut‘s weekly Wednesday party, Murder, ended.   DJ Jim Damaged spun fun Gothic Rock and scene classics solo.

Every Friday, DJ Damaged spun with DJ George (of Mister Monster and the Serpenteens) for Diabolik.  At Diabolik, they mixed Goth with Punk and some Rock and Roll.  Frequently, DJ Jim Damaged would leave Diabolik early to come to Absolution (when it was at Flamingo East) to dance or guest DJ.