This is the very first Absolution Flyer.  Alchemy at CBGBs had already been running steadily every Monday for about two years and Wasteland had recently ended at Coney Island High.  DJ Jason knew that CBGBs basement rooms had been recently cleaned out (previously they had been used as a very messy storage area) and renovated.   Fridays in NYC were without any Goth nights other than The Bank’s The Realm party, which was hardly Gothic at all being just another Alternative music night.  DJ Jason assembled all of the NYC Goth DJs that were active in 1998 for this party.  DJs from the underground goth parties, vampire parties and the mainstream goth parties were all brought together for one Friday night.  It wasn’t a certainty that it would succeed, so this event was billed as a semi-annual party.  However, it was a smashing success and it quickly became a regular “irregular” party and the underground scene’s favorite event.