The Bank was a NYC club that hosted several weekly mainstream gothic and industrial parties.  Revenge Tuesdays featured DJ Scandal in 1992.  Also in 1992, DJ Father Jeff had Saturday party called Ward 6 that ran for over a year there.  Dale and Laura promoted The Bank’s most successful Saturday party, Exedor, directly after the end of Ward 6.  Directly after Exedor ended at The Bank (moving to Coney Island High & The Pyramid), Hal Gould‘s Albion Saturdays started.  It ran for well over a year, but was forced to move to Downtime after the Bank closed in 1999.   The Bank also had  the first NYC Vampire Balls (on Sundays), including Flesh and Blood.  Their Friday party, The Realm, featuring Rob Xian lasted for over 6 years and was the longest running scene event up until The Bank closed.

This 11 year Reunion featured DJs from Albion (Ian FFordPatrick), Exedor (Jason), The Realm (AshRob XianKrieg), Corrosion (HellraverPatrick), Flesh and Blood (Jason) and Ward 6 (Father Jeff)