DJ Damian Plague started as a promoter in the Tri-State area.  He is best known for his involvement in the QXTs nightclub of Newark, NJ.  DJ Damian Plague‘s credible image, pleasant demeanor and hard work brought QXTs some international fame and a recognition by New Yorkers that no NJ club had previously.  In addition to promoting and booking bands, DJ Damian Plague spun at QXTs on a weekly basis for the latter part of the 90s and into the new millennium.

Over the last 13 years DJ Damian Plague has spun at over 400 clubs worldwide.  He toured with many bands and DJed concert support for VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Funkervogt, Covenant, And One, Icon of Coil and many more.

DJ Damian Plague also spun at the following festivals;

  • Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig, Germany.  DJ Damian Plague is only American DJ to spin WGT five times.
  • Summer Darkness festival in Utrecht, The Netherlands.  He spun the very first one.
  • Generation Gothic European DJ Tour.  He spun this twice.
  • Black Sun Festival in New Haven, CT.  He spun this festival twice and was the co-DJ headliner in 2008.
  • OOMPH! DAY resident DJ (various Euro clubs)


DJ Damian Plague is also a musician and has been a guest keyboardist for (Das Ich,Grendel), Frontman for SelflessAngstfabriC (a collaboration with Bruno Kramm of Das Ich), KrimsonmasK and is currently doing his own self named solo project.

DJ Damian Plague is the first DJ signed to the Danse Macabre record label.

DJ Damian Plague currently has ongoing involvement with Haven (Mass), Plague (Maine), The Church (NJ), Execution (CT), Stimulate (NYC), Fallout (Boston Mass), The return to QXT’s (NJ) & Termination (VT).   He is also a former resident DJ for Ulteria (New Haven, CT).