DJ Necromos is from the San Francisco and San Jose goth/death rock scene and has been spinning since 2009.

DJ Necromos is a DJ and a Promoter/Producer.  He organizes a weekly Thursday party in San Jose called Apparition.   Apparition has theme nights, performance artists, bands and lots of traditional new and old Goth & Death Rock.  It is currently held at Lidos nightclub with DJ Crow1369, DJ Ash (not the NYC DJ Ash) and, of course, DJ Necromos.

DJ Necromos also spins weekly for the Batcave in San Francisco (not to be confused with the defunct NYC parties, Batcave and Albion/Batcave).

DJ Necromos has also guest DJed at many events and clubs like The SystemDescensionSolace, Surgery Under Necrosis, WumpskateChronos, The BoxResurrection, Reverse PolarityIgnore the machine, and at events outside of CA, including recently spinning at Absolution‘s Atlantis event with DJ Jason of Alchemy and DJ Xtine of Shadowlands @ UC87 Danceclub in NYC.

Here  is a link to some foggy pictures that DJ Necromos took at Absolution.


DJ Residencies

  • Apparition 2009-2011 (ongoing)
  • Batcave (SF)  (ongoing)

DJ Concert support for the following bands:

  1. Cynical Mass
  2. Ascension Ex
  3. NPMN
  4. Spiritual Bat
  5. Sullen Serenade
  6. Crimson Ivy
  7. Protea
  8. Dtox
  9. Peeling Grey
  10. The Razorskyline
  11. Black Ice
  12. Swann Danger
  13. Afekt
  14. Nezzy Idy
  15. The Liar Script
  16. Tragic Black
  17. The Deep Eynde
  18. Fangs on Fur
  19. Belltower Bats
  20. Birth!
  21. Headless Lizzy and her Icebox Pussy
  22. Detatch dolls
  23. Neu Era
  24. Blissfully Dead