Dark Waters

Dark Waters – Alternative Festival

“A two-day festival involving live music and DJs that incorporate a wide variety of styles and musical influences. Celebrating the best that Nottingham has to offer as well as introducing established bands and DJs from around the UK.  The Festival is brought to you by The Nottingham Ministry of Goth who are working to reach out to and promote the Nottingham Goth scene. Our mission is to promote all genres under the umbrella of ‘Goth’ through our own events, club nights, social gatherings while working in partnership with established artistes and promoters.  As well as the live music event itself, Dark Waters will be offering arenas for many other creative people from the area to showcase their talents. Musicians, Artists and entreprenuers will be able to show the world what they do and that they do it well. Afterall, there is so much more to the alternative scene.”