DJ Wyntre Mysteria
of Washington, DC

Specializing in these Genres:

Classic & newer/current Goth, Deathrock, Post Punk, Ethereal, Darkwave, Minimal, New Wave, Coldwave, Horror punk, Dark indie, 80’s Industrial & EBM.


Undead, undead, undead from the isolated catacombs under the bustling city of Washington DC, DJ Wyntre Mysteria has definitely shown that Goth is most certainly not dead. He strives to do his part in keeping the scene alive by passionately promoting and spinning as much newer, current & underground music in the scene as he can. Goth, deathrock & post punk may be his favourite music of choice, don’t let that fool you.. he also enjoys and spins darkwave, minimal, coldwave, new wave, horror punk, ethereal, shoegaze, dreampop, 80’s industrial & ebm.

Wyntre Mysteria has spun throughout the DC and Baltimore areas, including Spellbound & Midnight both in DC and Ascension (was in Baltimore, MD, but sadly ended). He is a resident DJ at a monthly goth night in Baltimore called Obscura and also has a monthly podcast called Grave Dance where he focuses primarily on more newer and current music in the goth scene.
Wyntre is also currently working on a zine, which will hopefully be released either fall or winter of 2011.

Though his list of accomplishments may seem short, it doesn’t take away from the fact that he loves what he does and is very knowledgeable about the musick he is into and is always up for a good musick chat, especially if it means getting people into new musick! He is very passionate and motivated in doing what he can to cause change in the scene and to keep it alive and burning in some way, and to show that goth is NOT dead.. it just needs people who care! 😉

So keep your eyeliner thick and your hair big because you never know where DJ Wyntre Mysteria might end up.. it could be in a city near you!

Personal Information
The bats have left the bell tower and are now backcombing their hair and sharpening their eyeliner, it’s party time! (;

Personal Interests
Dark & beautiful musick, goth lifestyle & kultur, animals, big crimped hair, ripped clothing, vinyl records, reading, Egyptian things, silver jewelry, corsets, winklepickers, big boots, makeup, witchcraft, art…

Email cyb3rb4t@msn.com

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