R.I.P. Jennifer "Miro" Anderson


Musician, model and writer, Jennifer Anderson died last month at Bellevue Hospital
in New York City. She passed due to cancer.
Originally from San Francisco, Jennifer moved to New York and became a long time
resident of the Upper West Side where she regularly walked in the park and took
Jennifer Anderson was best known for her vocals and leadership role in the multifaceted
Punk Rock band, The Nuns.  Her stage names include Jennifer Miro (A name she took from
the famous painter) and Mistress Jennifer.
The Nuns started in 1975 and were part of the early Punk Rock scene.  They played a
great number of shows on the west coast and even opened for The Sex Pistols at Winterland.
In the mid-90s, The Nuns performed their old set style with a full band at CBGBs.
By the late-90's they formed a new sound and found a home within NYC's Goth Scene.
They played many shows at CBGBs and at Downtime with DJ Jason well into the new millennium.
Over their lengthy career, The Nuns recorded on Vinyl, CD and DVD.

A fun person, Jennifer was a regular at Absolution, Alchemy, Long Black Veil and
Albion/Batcave for years. She had a great sense of humor and loved chatting about
the people in the scene.  Her wild best friend and bandmate, Kris, was almost always
with her as was sometimes Jeffery.  She enjoyed the NYC nightlife thoroughly.
In recent years, Jennifer had stopped playing shows in favor of teaching her bandmate
Jeffery's daughter how to play music.  She was writing for stage and modeling for
photo-shoots in the last year of life.
When told about her passing due to cancer, her friend, DJ Jason wanted to disbelieve it,
"She had laughed about faking her own death and running off to Paris.  I think she liked
the idea of a mystery and not an obvious ending."