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A Metropolitan Vampire Society
The 11th year Anniversary!

Celebrate this historic moment with the return of the former The Court of Lazarus resident DJ, DJ Jasonspinning purely goth!

“You are cordially invited to the 133rd Court of Lazarus on February 17, 2013. We are elated to commemorate our Eleventh Anniversary with all our brethren in the elegance and style that Lazarus is renowned for! To rejoice, admission will be FREE on the main floor. But don’t forget about our raffle tickets for a one of a kind ABSINTHE BASKET… only $2 each and well worth every one. 
Regent Emeritus Naamah starts off the evening with an Elder Class for our esteemed Citizens and Guests. In commemoration of our anniversary, this roundtable discussion will be the first since Christian Blood’s in 2003. A unique Blade Blessing ritual will be performed by yours truly. Be sure to bring your own personal ritual gladius, dagger, athame or other blade to be consecrated. 

Court is open to those 21 and older (with valid ID). Photography and videography is not permitted. Respectful members of all Vampiric Courts and the Gothic Community are welcome! Gothic formal dress is expected but frivolity is encouraged. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Facta non verba, 

Lord Valerus
Regent – The Court of Lazarus
Lord Master – Clan LiDeIM
Order of the Black Marble

Let Honor be your Sword, your Shield, and your Cloak. Let he who strikes, be struck down. Let the night, FOREVER REIGN!