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    AbsolutionNYC presentsThe Farewell to Sumerland Ball @ THROUGH THE MIRROR on Saturday, August 24th


    • DJ XTINE of Through the Mirror

    • DJ CHRIST of Brooklyn’s longest running Goth event, A Night Of Banshees

    • &

    • DJ ADIAN CAIN of Philly’s BATHAUS!

    • plus,


    • our Door Host MICHAEL STRANGER &

    • Bar Hostess GODDESS KITTY

  • An event to Bid Farewell to Fair Sumerland.  Autumn is coming, Shadows are Returning to the Land, and it is time for us to dance our last in the warmth and light until the Wheel of the Year goes round again.  BYOB, bring your own libations (this means you can bring really really good stuff unlike what is usually served in elegant bars – fine Absinthe, Belgian Beers and High End Liqueurs – this is usually what we do, LOL 🙂 BEAUTIFUL PRIVATE VENUE, FOR THE SCENE AND THE SCENE *ONLY*. No interruptions or disturbances from jocks/guidos/hip-hop crowd, etc.. PURELY PRIVATE and PURELY GOTH/INDUSTRIAL *ONLY*. No annoying or disturbing people!  EVERYBODY there is not a promoter or a DJ – we focus on bringing *guests ONLY* with a very low promoter to customer ratio, so that EVERYBODY THERE doesn’t have some kind of hustle on or isn’t trying to coerce you to go to THEIR OWN event and sticking a flyer in your face. Ever been to a “party” where almost everybody there is some kind of promoter or DJ and all it is, is THEM, standing around like vultures to pounce on the few actual PATRONS who are coming in the door?  It’s been all too common in NYC, LOL We don’t have that. It’s just people like you who want to dance and enjoy a private quality, fun atmosphere free of worries and cares for the evening. ~ DJ XtineGoth, Industrial, Synthpop, Retro-Alternative Dance
    161 West 22nd street corner of 7th ave
    $15 at door, $10 in advance – link will be posted below soon.*Remember it’s BYOB! We provide cups, ice, mixers and so forth, you bring your drinx 😉 *Advance tickets are available now here

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