DJ Jason reviews the new Terminal Gods E.P. Machine Beat Messiah

“Listening to the Terminal Gods E.P. Machine Beat Messiah

You must buy this.  It’s the best release of the year.

I think Machine Beat Messiah will appeal especially to fans of The Sisters of Mercy‘s early works and the more trad punk type of goth.  They also have a lot of 80s alternative and 70s punk in their sound, so make no mistake, they are not another Rosetta Clone, in spite of having a very eldritch vocalist.  Another reviewer mentioned The Cramps, and I hear that development too in their bass lines on this new EP.   Terminal Gods have amazingly good lyrics also… seriously the best lyrics that I’ve heard in ages.
Their new single (I expect it to be, anyway), Wheels of Love, is like a goth version of a Gen X song. It’s very accessible and punk, AND also GOTH without being corny or juvenile at all.
Persona is the track that I thought would be the single. It has a UK style drive to it that makes one think of so many years of great drum machine goth bands from across the world.
Resurrection Man is my favorite track on the album. It is so heartfelt and emotional while being clever to a slower beat and a prettier guitar.  I hear a little Joe Strummer in the vocals too.  Somehow, that doesn’t bother me.
King Hell, the last track on the EP, is reminiscent of the type of song that one used to hear in the 80s before things became so formulaic. It takes chances that the dance floor doesn’t accept. It’s great.
Snake Bite Smile I had been playing live at Absolution to crowded dancefloors for quite some time now (thanks to advance demo copies). This final version has an interesting build and is different than the crowd filler classic demo, but is still a great track (and for the DJs, it gathers speed quickly, so it’s a good track to mix out of a slow classic).
The intro track, Machine Beat Blues is a big tease. A great sounding song that make one think of the Sisters, but it ends so quickly that you wonder if it was just a distant memory.” ~ DJ Jason

You can hear the tracks and purchase the EP here