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DJ Hex Bio

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Born in Lake Charles, LA, DJ Hex has been involved in the punk, goth and deathrock scenes since the age of 17, starting out with the DIY zines including Static Magazine which had a hand in the creation of the short lived Age of Decay festival in Florida. Later moving onto DJing with the first night being the bi-monthly New Death deathrock night at Notsuoh’s bar and nightclub in Houston, TX from 2008-2012 (intermittently in 2014), Dark Shadows deathrock/goth night at the Dragon’s Den in New Orleans, LA, and the Shroud music night at Notsuoh’s as well from 2015-2016. DJ Hex was also a resident with DJ’s Damon Allen and Franki Franki at Barbarella’s Nightclub in downtown Houston at the well known Be.Witched dark dance night (later moved to Numbers until it’s dissolution). DJ Hex has also spun the Convergence festival in Hollywood during it’s 23rd year run and has also worked with live acts such as The Spiritual Bat, Ex Voto, 13th Sky, Fangs on Fur, Tearful Moon, and interviewed artists such as Andi Sex Gang and Peter Murphy through his zine, currently helps co-run the Pallor Mortis goth/deathrock zine with the help of NOLA based deathrock DJ Mange Voorhees, DJ Hex currently resides in Norwich, CT for work but will be returning to Houston permanently in early 2017 and will be resuming his former goth nights.

DJ Hex has been a regular contributor to Absolution.NYC as an interviewer since 2014.