~an international perspective, with new bands galore alongside classics and curios~
Live Every Sunday night/evening

10pm, UK time. (in NYC and rest of the east coast of the USA, it’s on at 5pm)

“I treat my show like a modern magazine, so there’ll be tracks from new albums, EPs and downloads, with sneak previews and exclusives, alongside classics from exciting genres – including Alae Noctis, Alice Cooper, Alice Moving Under Skies, Ataraxia, BATZZ in the belfry, Blood & Roses, Cadaver Club, Calabrese, Dead Pop, The Death Notes, Eternos Errores, Guilty Strangers, Hamsas13, Lithos Sarcophagos, Luna Reign, Mark Sinnis, Moldig, Moskow, Peeling Grey, Sex Pistols (live rarity), Siiiii, The Dropper’s Neck, The Jezabels, The Wake, Ultrastigma and others.” ~Mick Mercer

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Also, Mick Mercer thanks Absolution’s DJ Jason in his Goth Radio Broadcast here.