R.I.P. Brian Bordello of Necromantik Sunshine

Brian Ring, professionally known as Brian Bordello, passed away this morning of February 20th, 2015 when his heart failed at 1am.  

Brian was the lead singer of Necromantik Sunshine, a goth band formed in 1997.   


 Above: Brian Bordello with his Necromantik Sunshine band mates and the Ohio goth band, Lestat, at New York City‘s Absolution Incantation multi band festival style event↑

Brian “Bordello” Ring was the leader of the Electro-Goth project Necromantik Sunshine.  Officially starting in 1997 in Philadelphia, PA., the core of the band released it’s demo cassette in 1998 and began to gain momentum throughout the region. The band’s live show was given the term Electro as they did not work with a drummer but layered beats and soundscapes that Bordello cleverly put together while working closely with the engineers at Philadelphia’s famed Studio Crash. In 2000 they released the CD “The Pain Of Pleasure!”. The 10 track release that included Bordello’s strikingly handsome yet creepy vocals on top of strong guitars, deep bass and twisted soundscapes began to hit the dance floors with DJ support and it included a cover of the well known Misfits song “London Dungeon”. As the band began to branch out they were invited to play on numerous compilations. The local Philly CD compilation, Beneath The Tides, escorted the song “Pink” while out on the west coast, Cleopatra Records chose the band’s namesake “Necromantik Sunshine”. The band’s contribution of the Christian Death song “The Angels” for the Rozz Willams vinyl tribute “The Tongue Achieves The Dialect” gained them more recognition but it was their cover of “Hurt” on the Nine Inch Nails tribute CD, Recovered In Nails, that gave them the most commercial visibility of their tenure.”

~John Begley 2/20/15

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RIP Brian Bordello