Here are some pictures from when Absolution was at the Limelight nightclubAbsolution_Goth_NYC_Peter_Jason_Limelight.jpg

DJ Jason with a friend (Peter) at Absolution @ the Limelight


  Absolution_Goth_NYC 64jasonrob

DJ Jason and DJ Fitzpatrick


The outside of the Limelight

Absolution_Goth_NYC 58vanessaDJ Vanessa Miasma of Ward 6 @ The Bank and Stigmata @ The Pyramid spinning



absolution-NYC-goth-club-Limelight2The main floor of the Limelight

Absolution_Goth_NYC 54voltaire  Voltaire hanging out


absolution-NYC-goth-club-Limelight8The front of the Limelight

  DJ Daniel with fans

absolution-NYC-goth-club-Limelight6The main floor of the Limelight

Absolution_Goth_NYC 55richvanessaDJ Rich Gone & DJ Vanessa Miasma

Absolution_Goth_NYC 46jasonDJ Jason

Promoter Father Todd Sabretooth & Promoter DJ Jason


The library at Limelight

Absolution_Goth_NYC 39lapisLapis of Bitter Grace

 Absolution_Goth_NYC 37carmelchrisChris and Carmel

Absolution_Goth_NYC 36charles

DJ Charlie the Slut and friends

 Absolution_Goth_NYC 34jason

DJ Jason, DJ Vanessa & friends

Absolution_Goth_NYC 31Voltaire-FatherJeff

Voltaire & DJ Father Jeff

  Absolution_Goth_NYC 29lisajasonalthea

DJ Jason

Absolution_Goth_NYC 28-Fans-in-the-Crowd-Manada-Jorge-SeanTemplar

Crowd shot of fans, Mandana, Jorge & Sean Templar

 Absolution_Goth_NYC 25Father Jeff

DJ Father Jeff

Absolution_Goth_NYC 11Promoter DJ Jason & his employee and friend DJ Father Jeff

Promoter DJ Jason & DJ Father Jeff

 Absolution_Goth_NYC 01sergio

DJ Sergio of Exedor @ The Bank

Absolution Photo Montage ↓

Absolution Photo Montage ↑