Memento Mori April 22nd

“Introducing New York City’s youngest and newest Goth DJ/ Promoters; Bolivian born DJ Malefic and Mexican born DJ Bela Legosi Alex.  This duo sensation are recreating the underground music scene with an underground crowd.

The duo, who are both in their 20’s and recent arrivals to the country, were born a bit too late to be old school original Goth DJs, but that hasn’t stopped them from creating a new night with the original sentiments of the music era they admire; and that’s exactly what they are doing with the creation of Memento Mori.  DJ StalagMike of DefCon, a long time New York DJ, saw their potential to revive what has been missing for some time. He stepped in to help these young lads learn the ropes and develop their skills.  DJ Ana Vice, who is also a long time veteran in the goth music scene, also lent her guidance and talents toward making sure they become the representation for a new generation.  These mentors, also known as Mike and Ana, were essential to the conception and birthing process of Memento Mori.

Memento Mori is New York’s newest and most exciting monthly installation of Deathrock, Darkwave, Gothic and “Post Punk”. 

Memento Mori  brings out not only serious music lovers, but also enthusiastic individuals who have long awaited for new events that keep to the penchant and persuasion of the classic era.   Malefic and Bela Legosi Alex are also bringing in a new type of diversity to usher in this new generation.

This Friday, the Memento Mori event will be having a tribute to Peter Murphy .  We invite all of you, promoters, fans and music lovers, to come out and support this great event.  Come pass the torch, and wish them well with their continuing passion for Deathrock, Darkwave, Gothic and “Post Punk”.   Each person involved in creating Memento Mori has different talents and each and every talent lends towards bringing the very best in music & atmosphere.”

~Catgirl Morales