Panic in the mainstream.

When you’re young, being a rock’n’roll band is a real thing to be. A big space to fill.

Then you step into the space and you start to fill it up, and it fills you, and everything is perfect and everything is forever.

And then you keep going, keep reaching upwards and outwards, and that huge space shrinks, slowly at first and then with alarming rapidity. The time has come to go and be something else. However, we’re all very proud of what we’ve achieved together as Terminal Gods.

First we made a 7” single, and then we made some more. Some people even bought some. They were really cool records and they still are. They meant a lot to us then and we hope they have a long afterlife on whatever record players in whatever bedsits they end up in.

Chaos in the smokescreen.

We formed ourselves into a self-perpetuating scene, we invented an umbrella organisation to promote our own club nights and release our own records. Heavy Leather Sex. It’s a line from the film Cruising by the way, which looked exactly how we wanted to look at the time. Like rock music with a disco beat. A bit camp and a bit sinister.

We made two albums, both left us wanting to murder each other. This is traditional and nothing to worry about. We kissed and made up in the end.

We could, at this point, do a long artistic post-mortem detailing what went in to making the records and what finally came out. But we won’t. We’re sure you can work it out for yourself.

Heartbeat now a whisper.

We’d like to thank you all, you needn’t have indulged us so. We’re glad you did.

Goodnight, and goodbye.


Final shows: 
Jun 27 – Fields Of The Nephilim Glasgow Barrowland – UK Tour 2019

Sept 7 – Terminal Gods Finale w/ Imi & Le Junk

Photo by Keira-Anee Photography