~arrangements for the interview provided by DJ Jason~

Tzina: As l understand Guillotine Dream are a relatively new band. How and when were you formed and what is the line-up?

New band! New band? We were the original goth band, we paved the way for the other goth bands and we are the only ‘true’ goth band. Of course, we aren’t a goth band as you aren’t allowed to say you are a goth band if you are a goth band. Sometimes it feels like we have recently formed but this is just down to The Mandela Effect.

Tzina Dovve

Who is the main songwriter in the band? What inspires you to write music and what are your influences?

The main songwriter is a disembodied entity called Argo Transacord. His influences are eternal. Our influences range from all ends of the musical and artistic spectrums. Also ZX Spectrums.

After two previous releases, an album and an ep, you have just released your new ep. ‘ Something Shining Something Bright ‘. What makes this release different?

It was written and recorded in 52 minutes under the influence of strong mints. It is the best thing we have ever done or maybe the worst. One or the other, definitely.

Guillotine Dream recently signed with the label Secret Sin Records… Can you elaborate on that?

There were a lot of dark, dark rituals and the contracts were signed in steam. No one from the band or label were present during this event, we hired a team.

As l understand the band played Darker Days Festival this year. How was that experience? Do you have any upcoming shows ?

You understand correctly and you are correct. The experience was beautiful. We played in front of the crowd and they clapped because we played without fault.

The last couple of years has seen quite a few goth/rock bands emerging in a more or less electronic dominated scene. Do you believe there is a goth/rock revival at the moment?

We hope not as we want to corner the market. We are not a goth band, we are goths in a band. We play goth music but we are not a goth band. The songs are goth but we play them as if they were jazz. There are a lot of paradoxes when you are a goth band but you aren’t. It gives me headaches and nightmares quite frankly.

How do you see the dark/goth/ alternative scene evolving over the years in the UK? Do you believe it is much different from the rest of the world?

Beyond Jersey and the Channel Island goth scene we have no interest at all. We have to be blinkered in order to not be influenced by anything except our wide ranging artistic and musical influences. And castles.

What difficulties do you believe smaller bands face in order to survive in the dark / alternative music industry today?

Difficulties competing with the masters such as Guillotine Dream. I would advise all other bands to stop right now before you make a tit of yourselves.

Your videos are quite unique. What is the symbolic meaning behind the masks?

They are what we wear normally as our true identity would disturb and provoke and drive many to a sexual frenzy. We don’t want this as it isn’t morbid. The meaning of The masks are mathematical and astrological and we designed them to be a strict likeness of our individual souls.

Anything else you would like to share with your fans?

We would ask anyone who follows our path to snub all other music and become a fellow fiend. To do this you have to deny your inner feelings and apprehension in listening to the dark entities which are masquerading as GD songs and initiate other folk at every opportunity. By all means wear a similar mask, but don’t try and pass your own music off as ours.

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