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Tzina: Dreamtime date back to 1996. Can you give a brief update as to how the band evolved to where it is today and what is the current line-up?

In the very beginning it used to be 3 guys, but for a long time already the line-up has been the two of us: Perdu on vocals & guitar, KS on bass and drums, both playing some synths. Actually a long time ago, MySpace was kind of a kickstart for us, as we published the songs from the first album there, and got some good friends supporting us over there (especially from Greece).  A nice feedback for an unknown band like us back then, so we decided to keep on going as a duo.

Tzina Dovve

After numerous releases of singles and eps throughout your music career a compilation and cd single ‘ Downfall/Gleaming Sky ‘ were released last year. Are there any plans for a new release in 2019?

Thanks to Oskar Terramortis for releasing the compilation album and also letting us be part of his compilation albums. 

This year we will be releasing a new single / ep. Actually, the recordings have proceeded quite far already as we started those before the summer…unfortunately the holiday season took us apart and some final touches are yet missing on the tracks. Good vibes for the three new songs, traditional Dreamtime sound will be there, probably even more retro goth than on Downfall/Gleaming Sky. 

Your music has a very distinct gothic rock sound. Who is the main songwriter in Dreamtime?

Dreamtime is really a musical collaboration between us two. Usually there is a song idea / rough demo recorded by Perdu, but in the end the result is a work by the band, as the musical arrangement gets heavily impacted during the process. KS is the main lyricist. As we record and produce the material by ourselves, each new recording is also a learning process and sometimes an experiment.

What makes you write songs? What are your musical influences?

Perdu: I guess the main driver for me is simply that i like it, I mean the whole process until the recording is out there. Dreamtime sound is kind of oldschool gothic rock, influences for us both are many mainly from earlier days obviously. We try to make our tracks sound original. Maybe sometimes some echo could be heard from some influencing band, but we try to avoid that in excess. If a particular influencing band for us both should be mentioned, let it be FOTN.

KS: I believe it is good to have diverse influences, so your music won’t end up a carbon copy of anything.

As I understand Dreamtime are not an active live band. Can you elaborate on this? Are there any plans for live shows in the near future?

Perdu: Correct, we have not done live shows. We rather put the effort to creating recordings. Getting onto the stage would require hooking up with a number of skilled musicians and quite a setup. Maybe we are simply too lazy for that. Having two guys on the stage and music coming from a pre-recorded source simply does not feel too appealing, as our sound is of a rock band, not electro.

KS: Recording has been with us right from the start of making music as a hobby, so it has been a natural way of doing things. I do not oppose to the live thing as such, but what Perdu said before is true.

How do you see the dark/alternative scene in your home country nowadays? Do you believe it is different from the rest of the world?

KS: I guess it is much the same in any country in today’s global world, but the scenes may differ greatly in size.

How difficult do you believe it is for a gothic rock band to survive in a more electro/industrial based scene which exists more or less today?

KS: It seems to be difficult, and for much bigger bands too. Older bands seem, to some extent at least, to have their older fans though.

Despite today’s music circumstances Dreamtime do have a strong and loyal oldschool fanbase. What feedback do you get in your home country? Is it different in other countries?

KS: We don’t have much of a following in our home country, but I’d say the little feedback we have got has been positive.  We get more feedback from abroad, maybe just because most of the people interested in Dreamtime are there.

What plans do you have as a band for the future? What are your goals as musicians?

Perdu: We started to make album number 3 already some years ago, but for some reason, there was odd lack of spirit to make that album come out. Maybe, we will continue someday with those songs. In the meantime, we have released other songs, at the moment we are working on the mentioned new single, that we hope to get out soon.

KS: I do believe the album will come out eventually. A boring personal answer: my goal is to be a better musician and to enjoy making music.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your fans?

KS: Big thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years.

Perdu: Thanks for the interview and interest! 

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