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Tzina Dovve (DJ Lady Davinia)… London based goth/alternative international DJ and music journalist for over two decades born and bred in Melbourne, Australia… Former radio DJ in her hometown and DJ on the Athens goth/dark/underground scene… Batcave parties, The Banshee Ball (her creation) and guest DJ sets at various goth/dark events at Death Disco (Athens) and Second Skin Club (Athens)… Former manager of two goth/electro bands from the Athenian goth alternative scene… Make-up artist and hair-stylist for various music video clips and photo sessions for dark/goth/alternative bands/artists… Participated herself in the ‘She Past Away’ video ‘Disco Anxiety’ in 2019… Special Guest DJ set at The Wave Cub in Tel Aviv (Israel, 2023)…

Resident DJ and creator of her event ‘Dark Spirits Of The 80’s’ which began at the legendary The Water Rats in London… Guest DJ sets at various goth/dark/alternative events around London… From Reptile, Slimelight, The Belfry, The Dark Eighties, Sunday Lullaby and gig DJ sets at The Albany, The Hope And Anchor and The Renaissance Festival to online streams for Slimelight (London), Reptile (London), Redevamp (Brazil) and Absolution NYC (USA)… Music journalist for Absolution NYC since 2019 with band interviews and album, live and festival reviews, from the goth/dark/alternative scene… A dark lady and music lover til’ the grave as goth and roll is a way of life… Not just a phase…

Tzina Dovve

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