DJ Xtine will be DJing, speaking, and bringing her vibrant personality to the event!

An Event Producer since 1998 and a DJ since 2000, DJ Xtine focuses mainly on Goth, Industrial, Synthpop, Retro-Alternative, 80s New Wave and New Romantic, Dark Rock and Metal, Gothic Metal and Underground Cult Classics. She is a Main Floor DJ.

She has worked at top Goth/Industrial nightclubs in NYC, such as The Limelight, and in Philly, such as Dracula’s Ball, and most recently co-produced weeklies such as Absolution, Atlantis, Le Petite Morte and Through the Mirror with DJ Jason. She is also a regular DJ at The New York Witches Ball and other Pagan Religiously themed events most recently the Lightclub Halloween Ball.

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