ALBUM REVIEW… ASTARI NITE- HERE LIES… One of the best dark / goth releases of 2020…… By Tzina Dovve

Photography by Ileana Esc.

Miami’s very own darkwavers Astari Nite released their 4th album early this month captivating all music fans of the dark. Nine tracks which take us on a journey through the mists of darkness and make believe to capture our mind, body and soul. Each track tells a tale of its own. Remastered by the very talented Jason Corbett of the ‘ Actors ‘ band. Crystal clear sound of guitars and dark synths and haunting lyrics with the angelic voice of the unique Mychael. A combination of sheer dark perfection at its best..

Here Lies… the opening song to this dark gem ‘ Leave The Winter On The Ground ‘. Our journey begins with an enchanting melody and intense guitar riffs. Heartache is  very prominent as Mychael chants the lines ‘ Shatter My Heart ‘ …’ l know that you want to ‘ …’ Shatter My Heart ‘ throughout this tune…

Photography by Ileana Esc.

‘ Paint The Stars ‘ follows in a slightly slower more atmospheric mode with the opening line ‘Take my last breath ‘… A tiny trip into the world of make believe. A hint of early Bowie is in the air. ‘ Paint the stars tonight ‘. The title says it all.

‘ Pretty Something Never Was ‘… Our journey continues with dominant dark synths and lyrics along the lines of ‘ Another gloomy day… Touch the raindrops ‘… Another trip into the world of dark imagery…

Photography by Ileana Esc.

Here Lies… The highlight of the album the single ‘ Capulet Loves Montague ‘. A very atmospheric tune about love and despair and yearning for better days to come..A very touching song accompanied by an intriguing and mysterious video. A song that will be cherished by the dark romantics of the world… ‘ Push the knife inside my heart ‘…

Moving on through our journey ‘ Gloomy Witch ‘. Opening line to another enchanting melody…’ You left me lonely pictures ‘ takes us on a short trip of romance and mourning in a way Astari Nite only know how to do best… A four minute masterpiece…

Photography by Ileana Esc.

‘ Disease Of The Divine ‘ continues in the same atmospheric tone with the hint of witchery here and there…’ Webs collecting lies… Open the door for you ‘. This dark gem needs no introduction.

Here Lies… Our journey is almost over with the more uplifting ‘ Dearly Beloved ‘ . Enchanting chimes and lyrics dominate this tune. A different type of lovesong. ‘ We’ll dance to the sadness of our emptiness ‘.  Again, a hint of Bowie is in the air.

Two more songs to complete our dark journey… Remixes of ‘ Gloomy Witch ‘ and ‘ Dearly Beloved ‘. The very talented Texan duo Twin Twibes remix ‘ Gloomy Witch ‘ and Germany ‘s music wizz duo Wisborg remix ‘ Dearly Beloved ‘. Both songs turned into upbeat tunes made for the dark dancefloor… A must for all DJs of the goth world… Here Lies… where our dark, romantic, make believe journey ends.. Almost forty minutes of escapism into another world… A fantasy world… Bravo Astari Nite.This is probably their best album so far. A must for all fans of goth, darkwave  and post punk.

Photography by Ileana Esc.

Here Lies… One of the best dark / goth releases of 2020…

By Tzina Dovve

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