Saturday, June 20th, 2020 is the first bi-weekly 2 floor Slimelight event which will run from 19h00 until 07h00 (UK time) with guest DJs and bands from around the world alongside the Slimelight resident DJs.

The launch event will run as follows:-

Floor one will be a special event in collaboration with the Bunker Club in Dresden, Germany.

19h00 Dythlan (ex Slimelight) / 20h00 E-Craft (live band set from Bunker, Dresden) / 21h00 DJ Doug (Bunker) / 22h15 Eric Byrne (Bunker) / 23h30 Emmerick Gortz (Slimelight) / 00h30 Uwe aka GassMann (Slimelight) / 01h30 Steve Weeks (Slimelight) / 03h00 Judas (ex Slimelight) / 04h – Steve Weeks (Slimelight) / 07h00 close.

Floor one plays ebm / electro / dark techno / tbm / futurepop / dark trance / aggrotech / synthpop.

Floor one channel link:

Floor two line up:-

19h00 tbc 20h00 Revenant (Il Covo / Bar Florio / Into the Darkness, Cagliari, Italy) 21h00 Francesca aka Blackdeath 1334 (Slimelight) / 00h00 Marco aka Jester (Slimelight) / 02h00 Cavey Nik (Dead & Buried, London) / 05h00 Jason (Absolution, New York, USA) 07h00 close (set times are London time zone)

Note to American readers: DJ Jason will be spinning Midnight to 2am Eastern (NYC) time.

Floor two plays goth / wave / industrial / old school ebm / 80s.

Floor two channel link:

Video only Zoom meeting for those of you who want to link up by video:-
Meeting ID: 853 8828 8949
Password: 242424

Facebook invite page