Tzina Dovve

The Wake… Perfumes and Fripperies… After almost twenty-five years of deep slumber the dusty coffin finally lifts its lid to reveal the return of the masters of goth… The Wake… 🎶🦇🎶… Risen from the graves of Columbus, Ohio the boys are back. Troy Payne, Rich Witherspoon, James Tramel and Daniel C. are here again to shudder the kingdom of goth with their third full length release… 🎶🦇🎶
The Wake… Perfumes and Fripperies… One of the greatest comebacks in the last few years to appear on the dark/ goth scene. The older will remember and the younger will learn and love. Wipe the cobwebs from your smoke machine…The goth revival is here… Welcome back The Wake…🎶🦇🎶

The Wake… Perfumes and Fripperies… The long-awaited full-length album has finally arrived for Wake fans of the music world. Over two decades have passed since the release of ‘ Nine Ways ‘ back in 1996 but not even a single day has touched the skillful songwriting technique these veterans of goth have always embodied in their songs. The Wake have delivered a true classic goth gem of today… 🎶🦇🎶… Forty- six minutes delivered in the unique Wake style fans are accustomed to…Perfumes and Fripperies… 🎶🦇🎶… This album will not disappoint. Eleven tracks entwined one after another into our darkest dreams and most inner thoughts. An awe of mystery surrounds each one of these dark gems. Dark psychedelic guitars, prominent bass lines and steady drumbeats accompanied by the haunting vocals of Troy we all know and love… The Columbus clan have still got it… 🎶🦇🎶

The Wake… Perfumes and Fripperies… Opening track to this classic goth gem ‘ Daisy ‘ . A melancholy dark tune which brings back memories of their cover ‘ 16 Days ‘ with its slow but steady tempo… Daisy… An invitation into the dark…🎶🦇🎶…’ Hammer Hall ‘ , the first sinlge , follows in a more upbeat tone. Pounding drums, powerful guitar riffs and deep alluring vocals to die for… This tune will set the late night dark dancefloor on fire… 🎶🦇🎶

The Wake…Perfumes and Fripperies…’ Marry Me ‘… Opening line to this dark tune ‘ Dream Tonight ‘. This title needs no introduction. Dominant guitar riffs which are reminiscent of The Mission and the whispering vocals of Troy captivate on this little gem. The words ‘ A long black dress ‘ linger here and there. A black wedding is in the air… 🎶🦇🎶…’ Everything ‘, the second single , follows in the footsteps of ‘ Hammer Hall ‘ but with an even more atmospheric aura throughout the tune. Featuring Wolfie from the legendary post-punk goth band Red Lorry Yellow Lorry on guitar. Prominent bass lines and touching vocals Troy truly mesmerises his listeners on this one…’ Black Clouds… Black Rain… Everything ‘… 🎶🦇🎶

A photo from their earlier era

The Wake… Perfumes and Fripperies…’ Big Empty ‘… A dark psychedelic tune with pounding drums and strong bass lines with the words ‘ You used to love me ‘ heard over and over again. A dark song about heartache and yearning…’ Emily Closer ‘… Another atmospheric tune with dominant bass lines and keyboards which definitely stand out on this album. A immensely touching goth lovesong… 🎶🦇🎶

The Wake… Perfumes and Fripperies…’ Rusted ‘ A bonus track and probably the most upbeat tune on the album featuring the glorious backing vocals of Caroline Blind of Sunshine Blind… 🎶🦇🎶… Another late night dark dancefloor track. Dark shadows in a cloud of smoke is on the rise… Goth rock at its finest moments… 🎶🦇🎶

The Wake… Perfumes and Fripperies… A true classic goth gem that will stand in time… Like good wine… 🎶🍷🎶… A must for all fans of goth rock , old-school and new , to own in their music collection. Bravo boys. The Wake are back and have delivered an album that was worth waiting for… 🎶🍷🎶… Released just in time for the darkest celebration of the year… Halloween…🎶🎃🎶…One of the greatest comebacks of 2020… Don’t miss it…

by Tzina Dovve