Video footage of Folk Fiction from the Absolution Livestream

Here is the recent video footage of Folk Fiction from the Absolution Livestream that was earlier this month on DJ Jason’s Twitch channel .

The next Absolution Livestream event will be on January 1st 2021 with exclusive and new performances by:

Obsidian (Florida, US)
Vampires of Rome (Rome, Italy)
Les Longs Adieux (Rome, Italy)!

There will also be sets from:

DJ Jason (Alchemy, Absolution, Wasteland, LBV, Communion, etc) who will be will be joined by:
DJ Vade Retro (Reptile ~ London, England)
DJ Xtine (Evil Expo NJ, Witches Ball ~ NYC, US)
DJ Lady Davinia (Reptile ~ London, England)
DJ Plaguelustre (Savage Logic ~ Maryland, US)

It will be an 11 hour Goth livestream.


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