Then Comes Silence Interview by Tzina Dovve (DJ Lady Davinia)

Then Comes Silence… One of Sweden’s finest contemporary goth/dark acts on the scene… 🎶🦇🎶… Gothsters talk about their latest release ‘ Machine ‘, lockdown days of 2020 and plans for 2021… Then Comes Silence… 🎶🦇🎶 …By Tzina Dovve… 🎶🦇🎶

Tzina: As I understand, Then Comes Silence released their fifth full-length album ‘ Machine ‘ just before lockdown back in March last year with a brand new line- up… Who are the new members of the band and how does it feel to be working with fresh blood?

Jonas: Yes, Mattias Ruejas Jonson and Hugo Zombie have joined us on guitars on this album. They have both been playing with us long before the release, but this is the first album with them. It feels great, we work really well together and are close friends. 

Tzina: This album was mixed by Stefan Glaumann who is known to have worked with the likes of Rammstein, The 69 Eyes , Killing Joke and many more great musicians.. How did this collaboration come about and how happy are you with the final result of this album? What makes ‘ Machine ‘ different from past Then Comes Silence releases?

Alex: We wanted a different sound this time. A cold sound with a punch. Mr Glaumann is the one. He’s got long experience within the rock and metal scene. The producer from the previous album ‘BLOOD’, Tom van Heesch learned his trade from Glaumann and he recommended him. We had a meeting back in the fall of 2018. He liked Then Comes Silence so we pretty much knew instantly that we’d work well together.
I like to think that the album is better casted in one piece than the previous ones.

Tzina: What feedback has this album received so far ? How was it received by your fans?

Hugo: Feedback has been great, it got very good reviews and we are seeing some songs and the album itself included in these “best of the year” lists, which is cool. As far as I  know, it has been well received by fans too. It has been the “lockdown soundtrack” for many of them and people seemed to enjoy the new songs in the few chances we had to play them live.

Tzina: Who is the main songwriter on ‘ Machine ‘? What are your main musical influences on this album?

Alex: I was the sole songwriter for the album. The main influences are around us all all the time. Hard to escape from. Musically, I keep going back to my roots like Dead Kennedys, Bowie and Killing Joke every time I start writing.

Tzina: Then Comes Silence not only have a new line-up on this album but a new record label as well.. From Nuclear Blast to Oblivion / SPV /Metropolis records..How did this transition come about for the band  and how content are you with your new music label home so far?

Jonas: The transition to Oblivion/SPV/Metropolis went quite smooth. The label supports us and understands where we are and where we want to go. I think we have a good foundation for the future. 

Tzina: As l understand a new video was released just last November for your new single ‘ Dark End ‘..Friday the 13th to be precise..Is there some sort of symbolic meaning behind this song and date during these dark times we are all living in..Can you elaborate..

Alex: Yes, that date has a specific touch. If you can choose between a release on the 21st or the 13th it surely sounds cooler with 13… and even better if it’s on a Friday. Black Sabbath released their debut album on a Friday 13th. It goes far back in rock ‘n’ roll time. Little did we know that Friday 13th in March 2020 meant entering lockdown and everything falling into pieces. 

Tzina: Are you working on any other new material at the moment? Is there anything in the pipeline for a new Then Comes Silence album in the near future?

Mattias: We are always working on something, that’s for sure. Right now we are recording something special, but that’s all I can say at the moment.

Alex: We are keeping the pace by shooting more videos for the songs from ‘Machine’. It’s a good compliment to a “no tour existence” that we have experienced for some time now.

Tzina: Unfortunately you had to cancel quite a number of shows in 2020 due to the pandemic.. Have most of these shows been re-scheduled for 2021? What can Then Comes Silence fans expect this year?

Hugo: Shows are being constantly cancelled, re-scheduled or re-re-scheduled since April 2020 when we were supposed to start the Machine tour. Dates changed from this last spring to autumn, then to next spring, some dates are already changed to autumn 2021… I have difficulties trying to keep track of the dates myself.
So… about this year, I really hope that the pandemic gets under control and we have another “Roaring Twenties” full of shows and parties. But meanwhile, we will keep going on and making things. We haven’t stopped working since the pandemic started, and we have a really cool project going on that I’m sure fans will love.

Tzina: Being unable to promote physically the band have participated in numerous streams on social media during lockdown year..How has it been for the band performing online and being a part of the virtual world?

Mattias: It has been an interesting experience, the first livestream we only had the crew (video filming, light technician and sound technician) and it felt weird to play only for them. The second and the third time we had a small audience (within corona restrictions) and it felt more like a cool underground show. The support that we have had for these streams has been fantastic. Fans have really helped us out during the pandemic and it felt really good to give something back to them. I think we did that with the three live streams.

Tzina: What do you miss most about going on tour and performing live?

Hugo: Mostly being on stage playing really loud, of course, but also the travels, soundchecks, the nerves before the show, after parties, meeting people, sleeping in weird places, hangovers… even spending 10 hours sitting in a van, or buying overpriced beer at the airport, sounds like heaven at the moment. Our lifestyle has been suddenly interrupted and we have to deal with that, so we miss everything.

Tzina: How much do you think this global pandemic will have an effect on the music industry once it is finally over? How has it affected you as a musician personally?

Jonas: It’s really hard to say, but obviously everyone with bills to pay and a loss of income is affected. No one knows the outcome until this is all over. A lot of bankrupt companies, venues, labels, booking agents etc… that’s for sure. 
Well, we have had to cancel the whole release tour for Machine. We try to keep on going with new projects, music videos, covers, live streams etc. but what we really want is to be back on the road again.

Tzina: Anything else you would like to share with your fans? As 2020 has come to an end and with  ‘ Machine ‘ one of the best releases of the year what can they expect from Then Comes Silence  in 2021? 

Alex: We hope to come with some news in 2021. Until then keep your eyes peeled for more videos from us.

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