Interview with Nino from Aeon Sable by Tzina Dovve (DJ Lady Davinia)

Aeon Sable… One of the most pre-eminent contemporary acts to emerge from the German dark/goth scene… Aeon Sable… Frontman Nino Sable talks about his band, new solo project and lockdown days… Nino & Aeon Sable… by Tzina Dovve ( DJ Lady Davinia )…

Tzina: Aeon Sable have been on the dark/goth/alternative scene since 2010. Exactly how did this act come to life and who are the current members?

Nino: Aeon Sable came to life when I first met Din-Tah Aeon. I was in search for someone who was able to mix and master my own songs and Din started helping me out with that, recording, mixing and mastering my own ‘Deied’ and ‘Melanculia’ tracks. Soon he showed me an alternative version of one of my tracks and I liked it a lot. Our first Aeon Sable track ‘Darkriders’ was then born. We kept on recording tracks and soon we released our first (sold out) album ‘Per Aspera Ad Astra’. After the release of ‘Per Aspera Ad Astra’ people wanted us to give live shows and so we started building up a team for these live shows. That was the moment when Quoth (bass), Wishbone (ex- guitar) and Diane (merchandising) joined the team. Wishbone had to leave the band in order to take care of his own black /death metal projects. Since that time our live team is Din (guitar), Quoth, Jo (guitar) and me on stage along with Lux (lighting), Sebbl (sound) and Diane doing the rest of the magic out of the ring.

Tzina: What lead you to form this band to begin with and name it Aeon Sable? Does this title represent what you’re all about? Is there some sort of symbolic meaning behind the band’s name? Can you elaborate…

Nino: By the end of the nineties I was so tired of the music I could get out there in the stores that I decided to make my own music. I wanted to have a soundtrack for my dark world. Aeon Sable means something like ‘Dark Age’. ‘Aeon’ must be obvious …and ‘Sable’… is the black tincture used in Heraldry. I found this a good way to represent our black-metal influences.

Tzina: Your music can be described as a ‘soundtrack for dark souls’.. Who is the main songwriter in the band? How is an Aeon Sable song created? Where do you derive your inspiration from to write music and what are your main musical influences?

Nino: Aeon Sable is completely written and produced by Din-Tah Aeon and me. We both write the lyrics and we both develop the melodies etc… I would say, Din is the one with the structure while I am the one with the chaos. Our songs are created in our studio, at Din’s place. Often Din appears with an idea for a track and then we develop the track together. I don’t know where the lyrics come from. I guess I am just lucky enough to have a good connection with the art-sphere. In terms of our musical preferences, Din likes a lot of Black Metal, Drone, Ambient and Gothic Rock, while I listen to a lot of Post-Punk and Black-Metal.

Tzina: Aeon Sable have quite a few releases under their belt with the latest being an ‘Aenthology 2010-2020’ compilation album to commemorate the ten years of the band’s existence. Released in February of last year, just before lockdowns began globally, how has this album been received by your fans during these dark times?

Nino: We felt the obligation to release an album with our most popular songs because a lot of our albums are sold out now and we wanted to give the newer fans the opportunity to get their hands on a record containing our best tracks. From what I’ve heard, people are happy with this release.

Tzina: Your band also recorded a cover version of ‘Winter Falls’ by Wisborg last year. How did this come about for Aeon Sable?

Nino: I really like the guys from Wisborg and sometimes we meet at festivals and concerts and we talk. That was where they asked us if we would like to do a cover of their track and we said “why not?”

Tzina: It is well-known that your band has done covers of Joy Division’s ‘Ceremony’ and ‘Monster In Me’ by Angels of Liberty in the past. What are your views on bands doing cover versions? Are there any other songs you would like to cover in particular?

Nino: I must confess that Din and I are not big fans of covering songs. But sometimes… as a musician… you hear a song and you just have to play around with it. Apart from that Din and I would never visit a concert of a cover band. I guess that answers your question in a delicate way, and no there are no cover songs in the making.

Tzina: Are Aeon Sable working on any new material at the moment? Is there a brand-new album in the pipeline for the near future?

Nino: Yes, we are working on a new album but it is too early to say something about it. It is just a bit hard to meet and work together because of this pandemic thing you know.

Tzina: As l understand Nino you have been busy with some solo work during lockdown days with the release of your single and video ‘Hydra’ just last month. How did this idea arise for you? Has solo work always been one of your ambitions as a musician? Can you elaborate…

Nino: I have been making music since the late nineties and I had, besides Aeon Sable several other sidekicks (Deied, Melanculia, Hqmr). Lately I decided to merge all my creativity into one ; Nino Sable. I don’t mind working in a group or alone. I just love to spend hours on my PC producing music. I really do.

Tzina: The song ‘Hydra’ is very atmospheric with dominant synths. A different sound to what we normally hear from Aeon Sable. Can fans expect more Nino Sable music along these lines? Any plans for a full-length solo album in the near future?

Nino: Yes! There is a lot of music on my desk and everything is ready to be released. My idea is to release new tracks monthly (one on each last Sunday of the month) during my own radio show on Terra Relicta Radio. First I want to solely release new music digitally through Bandcamp and to gather the money that I will need to produce a special edition. I was thinking on making a poll on social media and let fans define which of these tracks are their favourites. I also want them to decide which medium (CD, Vinyl…) they want me to produce. At least that’s the plan for now.

Tzina: How has your solo project been received by Aeon Sable fans around the world so far?

Nino: I don’t know but I got some nice messages from friends telling me that they liked it. To be true, I expected more people to listen to the new song but promotion has become so hard nowadays. I guess there could have been more feedback but as a one man show I just can’t reach them all.

Tzina: Your band has been an active live band throughout its ten-year existence so far. Do Aeon Sable have any plans for any upcoming shows when the world finally re-opens? What do you miss most about performing?

Nino: As soon as the world opens its gates again we will be there with the same power. We have some concerts to play in Germany and Brazil. I must confess that we do not miss stages that much. We just love to make music and that is what we are doing.

Tzina: The year 2020 was an extremely difficult one for all humanity and 2021 is still in the dark. How much do you think this pandemic will have an effect on the music and live industry?

Nino: I don’t know. I’ve heard the media talking about concerts only for vaccinated people etc.. Since the last fake-news-experience I heard I don’t care about what they say… time will come and we will see.

Tzina: How has this time affected you personally as a musician? Can you elaborate.

Nino: I am fine. I do my regular day job, come home and make music. No one calls me and no one visits me. It is a perfect time to let creativity flow.

Tzina: Anything else you would like to share with your fans Nino? What can they expect from you and Aeon Sable in 2021?

Nino: I don’t want to promise anything but if you follow me and Aeon Sable, you won’t be disappointed. A good place to follow me is on the blue social network, although I am not highly active there, and on
Thank you very much for your support!

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