Interview with Bleib Modern by Tzina Dovve (DJ Lady Davinia)…. Bleib Modern… One of Germany’s newest contemporary acts on the dark/alternative/ post-punk scene… Bleib Modern… The Berlin boys give a brief insight on what they are all about… Bleib Modern… By Tzina Dovve (DJ Lady Davinia)…

Tzina: Bleib Modern is a relatively new act to emerge on the dark/alternative scene.. How and when exactly did the band come to life and who are the existing members? 

Bleib Modern: In 2014, Philipp started the whole thing, then Vinz joined, and now, with Leo, Peter, and Tommy, we are a quintet consisting of 3 electric guitars, vox, an electric bass guitar and analogue drums. 

Tzina: How did the idea to name your band Bleib Modern (‘stay modern’ in German) come about? What does this title represent to you? Can you elaborate… 

Bleib Modern: Pardon, no. We decided that we won’t explain our name in public. 

Tzina: Your music is dark, sometimes melancholy with a post-punk twist to it.. Who is the main songwriter behind these dark creations? How is a Bleib Modern song born? Where do you draw inspiration from to write this style of music and what are your main musical influences? 

Bleib Modern: Our musícal tastes are quite diverse, there’s no main influence. As for the songwriting, we meet in our rehearsal room and experiment and discuss. During that time, and afterwards, Philipp writes the lyrics and sings them. 

Tzina: Although Bleib Modern are a relatively new act you have been quite productive with a few releases already under your belt during this span of time. Your latest album ‘ Afraid To Leave ‘ has just been released.. As musicians, how happy are you with the outcome of this album ? How has it been received by your fans and music press around the world so far? 

Bleib Modern: Very well and we are happy about the outcome too! As a band, it’s been our first time in a real studio, after a couple of pure DIY years. It could have gone wrong, but it didn’t. 

Tzina: What is ‘ Afraid To Leave ‘ all about? What does it mean for Bleib Modern? Is there some sort of symbolic meaning behind this particular title? What makes this album different from your previous work? Can you elaborate… 

Bleib Modern: Well, it is our first professional album. We didn’t write it because we were afraid to leave the stage, on the contrary, we wanted to do it real good this time. We worked a lot on the songs, more intensely than before. 

Tzina: As l understand four videos have been released on YouTube for songs from ‘ Afraid To Leave ‘… ‘ Loony Voices ‘, ‘ Bitter Smile ‘, ‘ Sleep ‘ and your latest single ‘ Walls ‘… Bleib Modern also have a number of videos from previous albums… How important is the visual aspect of your songs to you? Are there any more videos in the pipeline?

Bleib Modern: There are more videos to come! Sometimes, we shoot & cut them ourselves on tour. Those are our windows. Other times kind people who like the music offer to work up videos for us. We are very curious about those different styles, and encourage it. 

Tzina: Your first single from ‘ Afraid To Leave ‘ , ‘ Loony Voices ‘ has been featured on the new Icy Cold Records 2020 ‘ Various Artists Compilation… Vol.1 ‘ which was released in January this year… How did this come about for the band?

Bleib Modern: Icy Cold Records from Paris is our new label and we get along real fine. 

Tzina: Bleib Modern are an active live band with quite a number of shows and participations at festivals before lockdown restrictions came into our lives. What do you miss most about performing? Are there any plans for shows when the world finally re-opens? 

Bleib Modern: Yep, our partner Mr. Massari booked a tour within Europe, scheduled for late fall 2021. It remains to be seen whether that will be possible, but hey… We miss the battle of being stuck with each other for weeks, we miss meeting new people and old friends from other places, and we miss our very dear two road companions, who almost feel like band members by now: casual alcoholism and hard drug abuse. 

Tzina: As l understand you have a planned album release live stream coming up for ‘ Afraid To Leave ‘ where you will be performing the entire album online. How do you feel about these live streams and online events that bands have been participating in throughout this pandemic? What are your views on the new music virtual world? 

Bleib Modern: At times, it can be necessary, and maybe even good. We do like to watch KEXP’s programme, or Colors, or NPR’s Tiny Desk. On March 12th 2021, we’ll try our best! As a substitute for the social happening that is an actual live show, the virtual pendant is invalid though, and will always be. 

Tzina: The year 2020 has been a difficult one for all humanity but the music and live industry has been hit very hard. What long term effect do you think this will have on the entertainment industry globally? 

Bleib Modern: No idea 🙂 

Tzina: How has this pandemic affected you personally as musicians? 

Bleib Modern: A lot more bedroom producing! 

Tzina: Anything else you would like to share with your fans? What can they expect from Bleib Modern in the near future? 

Bleib Modern: Secret, but we’re just getting started. What we would like to share is the knowledge that ‘ Overload ‘ Sugarbabes is very dope.

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