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Voyna ~The Cinvat Bridge~ Album Review by Tzina Dovve (DJ Lady Davinia)..🎶🦇🎶.. Voyna…The Cinvat Bridge…One of the finest dark/goth/alternative releases of 2021 so far… The first solo attempt by singer Peer Lebrecht of Berlin band Golden Apes…🦇… A band which holds a strong presence in the German dark/goth/alternative scene for over two decades now. As a veteran on the scene, Peer’s solo project Voyna takes the dark world by storm…🦇…The Cinvat Bridge… Fourteen dark melodies that capture our souls and most inner thoughts until we reach the end of this music journey. Fears, hopes, nostalgia, memories. It’s all here…🦇… Time to cross the bridge…The Cinvat Bridge…🦇

Voyna…The Cinvat Bridge… Opening melody to this dark and mysterious gem is the first single ‘ Provenence ‘. An array of melancholic guitars and strings accompanied by Peer’s deep and alluring vocals are dominant here. The first taste of what will follow as we continue to cross the bridge…🦇…The Cinvat Bridge… The album proceeds with a slightly more upbeat track ‘ Refraction ‘. ” Time Flies “, the opening line to this says it all. A feeling of nostalgia is in the air…🦇

Voyna…The Cinvat Bridge… Highlights of this mellow masterpiece ‘ The Sky And A Grain ‘. A melancholy tune very reminiscent of later Psychedelic Furs work with a very dominant guitar riff. A nostalgic tune which brings back memories of the good old eighties music days with a fresh vibe to it. Richard Butler and the boys would be proud…The Cinvat Bridge…🦇… We continue to cross the bridge with tracks like ‘ Ocean ‘. A ballad. A duet with female singer Marita Volodina. Crystal clear vocals with lines such as ” My fears..My hopes ” say it all.. A very dark and distant tune…The Cinvat Bridge…🦇

Voyna…The Cinvat Bridge… We have nearly crossed the bridge with more dark and melancholy tunes. ‘ Bones ‘. Another ballad with a slow and dominant piano melody opening. Again very reminiscent of Psychedelic Furs..the ‘ Book of Days ‘ period.. The last song on this dark and mysterious gem ‘ Ashes ‘.. The title says it all. We have finally reached the other side of the bridge…🦇…The Cinvat Bridge…🦇… A sense of purpose fills our music hearts…🦇

Voyna…The Cinvat Bridge…Our music journey has come to an end. Over an hour of dark, melancholy yet nostalgic melodies stay vivid in our minds. From the deepest darkest woods and grey skies to stormy waters beneath the bridge…🦇… The Cinvat Bridge…🦇… The perfect album for these dark and uncertain times we are living in. A must for all music fans of the dark. Don’t miss it. One of the finest dark/goth/alternative releases of 2021 so far…🦇…The Cinvat Bridge…🦇…Out on Icy Cold Records…🦇

By Tzina Dovve ( DJ Lady Davinia )…

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