A Cloud Of Ravens… Another Kind Of Midnight… Without the shadow of a doubt, one of the best goth releases of 2021 so far..🦇🦇.. Brooklyn duo Matthew and Beth have delivered a true dark gem… The second full-length album by these New Yorkers is probably their most haunting release in their music career to this day… These newcomers are no strangers to darkness..🦇..

Another Kind Of Midnight… Nearly thirty-five minutes with ten tracks that will capture our dark and discerning souls and lead us to the midnight hours and beyond… A crescendo of sharp guitar riffs, distinct drums, prominent bass lines and dark synths accompanied by the alluring vampiric vocals of dark poetic lyrics will lead us to the land of midnight tales…

Another Kind Of Midnight..🦇.. Our music journey begins before the clock strikes midnight with the opening track ‘When It Comes’..The first single.. A dominant guitar riff that builds up into an explosion of sound and haunting vocals to what is about to follow… A Cloud Of Ravens is here… and here to stay..🦇.. ‘Sacrosanct’ continues in an even darker tone with a prominent opening synth melody and vocals deeper than the darkest dungeon.. Each tune on this dark and poetic gem a tale of its own… ‘A New Atonement’… A highlight… Intense bass and drums throughout this track along with the vampiric vocals of Matthew, very reminiscent of 69 Eyes , makes this a 3 minute masterpiece… “When the sirens call… Another kind of midnight blackens our skies” linger among a cloud of ravens in the air..🦇🦇.. ‘The Northern Cross’ … Another highlight… A very catchy tune with strong bass lines, dark synths and haunting vocals once more a little reminiscent of 69 Eyes… A goth hit… A cloud of ravens surround the dark dancefloor which leads us to the strike of midnight…

Another Kind Of Midnight..🦇🦇.. ‘Tithes And Offerings’… A dark synth intro with whispering vocals.. Opening line to this melancholy dark gem… “As l am the sea… and l am the night…” This dark poetic tale says it all.. ‘Ban-druidth ( The White Witch )’.. The closing track on this short music journey.. The clock has nearly struck midnight… Another Kind Of Midnight..🦇.. A dominant piano melody throughout this tune with a very melancholic vibe… Vocals whisper the lines… “You are the porcelain, you are the dream” with the ending line “Petition the trail moonlight and we’re free again”..🦇🦇..

A Cloud Of Ravens… Another Kind Of Midnight… The clock has struck midnight and our music journey has come to an end leaving us with a thirst for more… Beyond midnight… From a soundtrack to a vamp film to a dark night of reading tales of classic horror… It’s all here and fits like a glove..🦇.. Old-school influences meet new-school techniques.. A must for all fans of the dark to have in their music collection… Don’t miss this little gem… One of the best goth releases of 2021 so far… Another Kind Of Midnight… Out on Cleopatra Records… By Tzina Dovve ( DJ Lady Davinia )..🦇🦇..

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