New Video Interview with Twin Tribes by Tzina Dovve ( DJ Lady Davinia )

Twin Tribes… A new dark-synth act to emerge on the scene in 2017… Based in Brownsville Texas this duo have taken the goth/alternative scene by storm with their catchy dark 80s melodies, intriguing lyrics and uplifting shows… Twin Tribes… By Tzina Dovve ( DJ Lady Davinia )…

London… Saturday 2nd October 2021… The Lounge 666… Ceremony Tour… Twin Tribes embark on their very first European tour with their debut show in London U.K… The lovely lads Luis Navarro and Joel Nino.Jr. take the time to chat backstage about the tour, upcoming shows in the U.S. , the pandemic and not only… A quite interesting and in depth interview with these two extremely talented newcomers on the scene… By Tzina Dovve ( DJ Lady Davinia )

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