Bauhaus Live In London ~ Review by Tzina Dovve (DJ Lady Davinia)…

Bauhaus: London… Alexandra Palace… Saturday, October 30th 2021…

Bauhaus… Undead… Undead… Undead…⚰⚰

Godfathers of goth re-unite once again and original members Daniel Ash, David J, Kevin Haskins and the one and only frontman Pete Murphy share the stage for yet another time after 15 years. The honoured venue to accommodate these goth veterans this time round the luxurious and grand Alexandra Palace or as some call it Ally Pally. The perfect host for this dark celebration in London on a chilly autumn night.. Hallows Eve.. After postponed gigs and re-scheduled dates again and again due to the global pandemic and endless restrictions the night of the undead had finally arrived.. Long overdue.. 

Bauhaus… Undead… Undead… Undead…⚰⚰

Saturday October 30th was a special night for all fans of goth to remember. Old-school and new… From crushed velvet to black lace to leather & chains to PVC attire… Winklepickers to New Rocks… It was all here… The foyer of Ally Pally was a black clad crowd awaiting in anticipation for the moment to finally see the godfathers of goth embrace the stage once again with their dark tunes… The Northampton boys were back home and time was getting nearer for the undead to appear…

Bauhaus… Undead… Undead… Undead…⚰⚰

A little after the clock stroke 8:30 pm there was a sense of stillness in the air… The lights grew dim and the first note of Daniel Ash’s sharp and en pointe guitar riff filled Alexandra Palace… A guitar riff which slowly led into the haunting ‘Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores’.. An unusual and unexpected opening track but before the crowd could respond to this dark gem the band slowly crept onto the grand stage and one by one took their place… Pete Murphy gracefully appeared with a hat and walking stick captivating the audience with his stage presence and flawless voice… Continuing with the masterpiece ‘Double Dare’ the show was well on its way.. These goth veterans were  in best form for this night of the undead.. ‘In The Flat Field’ followed with power and Pete’s vocals sounding crystal clear and alluring as they always have… Daniel Ash blarring his wild guitar riffs while Kevin Haskins never missing a beat and David J solid as a rock.. Favourite dark gems like ‘She’s In Parties’, ‘The Passion Of Lovers’ and ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ were played with passion and poise as these goth veterans only know how to do best… ‘Dark Entries’, the last track of the band’s set was more powerful than ever leaving the crowd in awe and hunger for more…

Bauhaus… Undead… Undead… Undead…⚰⚰

The night of the undead was not over yet… The godfathers of goth are back on stage in no time with Iggy Pop’s ‘Sister Midnight’ first notes filling the silent air of Ally Pally… A classic tune performed by the band like their very own with Pete’s vocals sounding better than ever… Moving on another classic tune ‘Telegram Sam’ is played much to the crowd’s delight followed by the all-time favourite ‘Ziggy Stardust’..The thin white duke would have been proud… A feeling of nostalgia lingers in the air as the boys slowly leave the stage once again… Was this the end for the undead? The crowd are left cheering and screaming in hope for another encore, another chance to see the goth veterans on stage again… Just when they were about to abandon ship Pete returns, picks up an acoustic guitar and starts the first notes to the mellow ‘All We Ever Wanted’… The first line says it all… “All we ever wanted was everything”… Pete captivates the audience one last time with his unique vocal range and performance.. The night of the undead was slowly coming to an end…

Bauhaus… Undead… Undead… Undead…⚰⚰

Leaving the stage Pete’s last words were “This is not the last show we’ll ever do”… The crowd is still and left in awe… After nearly 90 minutes of dark classic gems we all know and love the night of the undead had come to an end… The black celebration was over for now as the undead will return… Londoners and not only will remember this night for a long time yet… Hallows Eve… One of the best performances of 2021 that London has hosted in a very long time… Over 40 years on their music journey the Bauhaus boys have come a long way… From Northampton pubs like The Romany to the grand Ally Pally these goth veterans have still got it… Bauhaus… Undead…Undead… Undead… By Tzina Dovve ( DJ Lady Davinia )…⚰⚰

Bauhaus set list: Alexandra Palace London… Saturday, October 30th 2021

1. Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores (John Cale Cover)

2. Double Dare

3. In The Flat Field

4. A God In An Alcove

5. In Fear Of Fear

6. Spy In The Cab

7. Terror Couple Kill Colonel

8. She’s In Parties

9. Kick In The Eye

10. Bela Lugosi’s Dead

11. The Man With The X-ray Eyes

12. Silent Hedges

13. The Passion Of Lovers

14. Stigmata Martyr

15. Dark Entries

Encore 1…

16. Sister Midnight (Iggy Pop Cover)

17. Telegram Sam (T-Rex Cover)

18. Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie Cover)

Encore 2…

19. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything